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The Not So Summer Blues

I came home this morning from the cleaning the gym. What a mess it was. You wonder how one place can get so dirty…But then you realize it’s a bunch of girls in that gym… Nuff said. Anyways, To my surprise when I got home, my partner hadn’t left yet for work. That was a nice feeling. We’ve been a lot busier lately which means less time together and the time we do spend together is on the couch past out. Parents, I know you feel me.

The kids were still asleep, so I went out on the balcony to catch up on some silence. It’s always nice to catch the silence before all the hustle and bustle begins. So of course as I’m taking in the summer morning, it got me thinking…. Wow, this summer feels like a good summer. Now I’m not really sure what I meant by that at the time but I think I’m getting a handle on it.

Earlier in the month, I was feeling a bit guilty that I wasn’t really doing much with the kids. From our middle one in gymnastics 4 days a week for the whole summer and everyone working, non stop with no days off, it’s been interesting trying to navigate fun into the equation. So far the kids haven’t complained…. So far. Something about this morning made me feel like even though, I’m not taking the kids here and there, we’re still enjoying summer. It was like a sense of ease, which got me thinking even more. Since it was the eclipse and it’s all about letting go.

When I was a kids, all my friends would go on vacation during the summer. So while they were on summer vacation, they were on vacation. I, on the other hand was at home for most of the time being watched my sister or in day camp which I wasn’t very fond of. I also wasn’t fond of staying home for the entire summer. When it was the first day of school and the teacher asks the class to write about what they did for the summer, my paragraph didn’t have much details. I had to look at the difference from then and now… My summers were good but there was always this lingering feeling of worry and fear because you knew that your Dad would come home and perhaps get mad about something or perhaps your parents would start arguing which they often did. So deep down you could never really enjoy summer and let your hair down.

Fast forward to now. That feeling isn’t there. I think it was lingering around, and I never took the time to acknowledge it and release it. So I did that today. I released that feeling of tension and sadness that went along with that feeling of summers past. I sat on that balcony with a feeling of gratitude. I’m  spending my summer in a loving home that I helped create. The days are filled with summer activities and BBQ’s, Morning are filled with birds chirping and the sun rising and I get to enjoy every bit of it with no worry or fear. Deep down that’s the type of summer I always wanted. Maybe it was never really about the vacations, although I still want to do plenty of travelling with the family. It was more about experiencing the peace and leisure of summer in a safe space which makes summer of course more enjoyable as a kid. I’m definitely grateful that my partner and I can provide that for our kids. Releasing what no longer serves me and filling it with my truth and my new reality.

Reminder: Even when you feel like the world is against you, just know that the Universe is for you.


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It’s A Commitment

Make a commitment.

To yourself

To the process

To the ups and the downs

A commitment to growth

And transformation


Righteous Sun

I had a conversation with a friend the other day and we got on to the topic of commitment. What does it mean to truly be committed? And is putting a ring on it actually mean that the man is committed to you?

Let’s get into it…. Some women feel that if their significant other puts a ring on it, it means that they are taking the next step to commitment. However, some men feel that if I have kids with you and living with you then I’m committed and you don’t need a ring.

What are your thoughts?

I said commitment means more to me than just a ring on my finger. If you’re that type of person that is into the symbolism of a ring, then putting a ring on it  means that you’re committing to every piece of that person. The good and the stuff we’re still working through…. Now I’m committed to learning about myself and how I interact with my partner. I’m committed to being patient as he grows and transforms as an individual and as a partner. (Because you have to do both in order for any relationship to last.) We have to be committed to change in and outside ourselves because as we know, no one and nothing  stays the same.

Now just because you get a ring, that doesn’t mean the person is fully committed. How do you know if someone is committed?… Real Simple…

They are committed to themselves first and foremost. Now you’re probably thinking, wait! committed to just themselves?… Isn’t that a little selfish?… It’s not when that person is committing to being the best they can be for themselves and for the person they are involved with. That means growing in every possible way for the greater good.

To make a commitment means that you place value on the person you and who you are becoming. To take it one step further, once you realize that there is no separation between who you are and who you are becoming… Well then…. You are on your way, if not already there. Remember we are universal. We are past, present and Future all in one.

So what now?…. We begin by taking  baby steps towards a commitment to yourself and to the whole process. I love using my screensavers on my laptop and phone for inspirational quotes and affirmations. You use your electronics all the time, so you might as well benefit from them in a way that can remind your spirit who they are and why they’re here.

Another tip that can help in the process is to commit to one day a month of pampering yourself. Just for you. I know it’s getting cold outside if you live in the colder climates, so drop the kids off for a play date and spend the day at home… not cleaning but pampering yourself. I love nice hot baths with essential calming oils that will soothe. Light some candles and VOILA! oh yes!… We can’t forget that favourite bottle of wine. Making a commitment to yourself means that you have to be consistent. So never say that you don’t have time for you… You should always have time for you! The Universe made a commitment to you the day you were born and that my friends is a commitment that will last a lifetime!


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Self care shouldn’t be a chore

I am about 85% better from the cold that knocked me out a few days ago and  of course was met with some challenges along the way to health. I am loving the summer weather in the fall but a bit hard to enjoy  it when you’re running a fever and still on Mommy duties. You would think vitamin D would do me some good but it really only made me light headed, especially when taking the dog for a walk or any activity for that matter. Its amazing how something so good for you isn’t always good for you in that particular moment. It’s like the Universe has been asking me to fall back and be reclusive like a hermit. Shade is currently my new best friend. Funny right?…

With all this free time being sick, it only gave me more time to rest and restore but most of all listen. Listen to what the Universe had to say to me. Do you ever feel like a completely brand new person after getting over a cold?, like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. With all the stress and not feeling well and a whole wack of other goodies, I have honestly felt like things will get better from here.

Note: listen to the words that come out of your mouth when you talk. It is a clear reflection of where you are in your life currently.

I just realized that rather than me writing, “Things can get better”, which means there is the possibility of things getting better, I wrote’ “Things WILL get better.” Which is a declaration to the Universe and yourself.

Anyway, all this time got me thinking how I got to this point. Not like it matters, cause a cold is a cold. But it matters in the sense that I can learn something from myself of how to better protect myself when it comes to my cup being half empty and refilling it back up in healthy ways.

After having my kids and jumping full fledge into being a stay ay Mom, I just felt like I was ready and able to give them all of me. I had made a conscious effort to put ME aside and focus on them. What I thought was a good idea at the time, eventually turned into me feeling very drained and tired. I wasn’t really taking care of myself in the best way possible. Devoting my entire life to the kids and  neglecting myself wasn’t at all my intentions but I continued with the thought that, ” I had my fun in the past and it was all for the them now”. It was only when I had hit a point of not wanting to look at myself in the mirror and beginning to feel low self esteem that I realized, enough was enough. I had an epiphany and felt like it was time to reclaim a piece of me.

When you look good, you’ll feel good. It’s a visual thing that gets the ball rolling to self love. Before having kids, I…. without fail would go and get a manicure every two weeks and my hair done once a month. I enjoyed every minute of it. I would always get funky designs and colours, it totally represented my spirit and life at the time, Wild and Free. They knew me there and it was always a treat. With my hair….. Well, I’ve been getting my hair done ever since I could talk and use the washroom on my own. And whether I liked it or not, My hair was getting done. So it became a habit and a way of life for any female of colour. I never really saw hair as being a self care regimen.

It was only when I had benched myself from life that I realized those things weren’t just treats and habits but were also essential to my sanity as a Mother and a human being.

Did you know you can tell a lot from a persons hair and scalp? You can find out what vitamins and nutrients a person is missing just by looking at their hair. Amazing! As soon as I declared it to my partner and the Universe that Mommy was taking back her life and consciously making an effort to make time for herself and selfcare. I found a hairdresser in the neighborhood who I am now great friends to help me along the way. I can’t lie though…. I was doing so well with the upkeep. It was like a year and a half of “All about ME!” and then… Well I’m not really sure what happened but my self care regimen wasn’t at all what it used to be. I wasn’t always getting my nails done and I began to try and squeeze an my appointment  whenever and wherever I could. I thought it got easier when the kids got older… It didn’t. LOL!

Before I knew it, my self care regimen became a chore. My 2 hour Mommy time of getting my nails done was no longer fun. I would look at the time constantly wondering when I would be done so I could go back to my job of being a Mom and working in my small business. I began fitting it into my busy schedule rather than make time for it. I can now look back and know that there was a moment when I stopped feeling relaxed about taking care of myself. I stopped feeling relaxed while getting my hair done. It became more of a hurry up type of feeling or a feeling of dread that I had to take time out of my busy schedule to make myself look proper. (Just went British for a moment.)

Note to self: Self care should never feel like a chore and should be a lifestyle.

I’m learning that to truly self care is to be present in the moment. To enjoy every moment of it down to each breath. So that you never miss a beat. Of course selfcare began to feel like a chore for me… I wasn’t even present in any of my activities and was looking at it as negative thing rather than a positive one. I was literally fitting it in like it was a job. Fast forward to my epiphany after getting sick… and perhaps the reason behind me getting sick. Well that and Germs. Lol!

I want to be in a space of complete presence. I want everyday to feel like a spa day, I know that it can’t but what I do know is, in that moment when my cup is beginning to feel a bit empty that I will consciously know when to self care and be present in that moment of love for myself because… Well…. I deserve it. I deserved it before and I still deserve it now, more than ever before.


Playing to my strengths

I’ve been feeling recently a pool by my spiritual posse to utilize the gifts that have been the stowed upon me from the moment of conception. Why am talking like a mid century woman is beyond me. I guess it just seems fitting… LOL!. We are all giving gifts that are passed down from our ancestors through our DNA. Now I’m sure you know somebody or perhaps yourself where a specific talent or thing comes easy to them. A natural gift.

Are you deep down believe I have many talents or so I’ve told myself as a child I enjoyed the arts and most of all dance. Both of them are perfect because I didn’t have to speak. I was a super shy kid if you know what I mean.

By high school dance was my every day well at least in my bedroom. Dance was financially out of my reach so I would watch music videos and practice in my room. It was a release at times… like therapy. Now realizing as an adult, dance was my saviour.

Now that I think about it I was always creating art of some kind growing up. My mom still has my watercolour portrait of dopey from the seven doors from grade 7 thanks Mom!

Going down the list… I am a great listener and I have good enough intuition to tell a person all about themselves in emotional and personality level. I am very personable when it comes to interacting with others young and old and my friend just texted me the other day saying I was wise beyond belief

So basically what I’m saying is that whether we realize it or not we are blessed with gifts talents and abilities from day one. I remember someone saying to me, “Rashida it would be a sin for you to never use the gifts God has givenyou.”You know what’s funny those gifts were actually were healed me I am such a private person when it comes to my journey and every journey is personal but it’s healed me to receive many blessings in my life and my families life do what you love which should be you!…. you should love you so do you do what makes you feel good do what comes naturally to you I truly believe love is strength and love conquers all right but love is also gentle and kind and soft and sweet those are the ones that come to my mind when I think of love so love yourself enough to read discover you and to do you and to get to know you so that all of your gifts and strengths can shine through.

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Breathing through it all

Every now and then I, just like many others goes through their ups and downs on every conceivable level. I am a Mom who just want the best for herself and her family. So every now and then, I’ll take a moment a speak to creator for some sound advice.

By the way, I gave  them a name… Morion. I think it was about two years ago when I when I had asked the name of my spiritual guide. They had said “Moira” , which ,means destiny or fate. Makes sense.(Google it)

This is how it all went down…..

ME:  So to recap my life for myself… Just so I’m clear… I am a Mother of three kids who has been on this spiritual journey for my whole life, sleeping for most of it and have been slowly waking up from this dream like state. I’ve been awake now of over 10 years. As distorted and confusing as the whole process has been. I have managed to pay attention to the subtleties around me and has used what has been given to me, to my advantage. With spiritual practices in place, Rashida, you have managed to start a business to teach little ones and young people about yoga. and meditation. I get to teach them about a practice that allows you to get better acquainted with you.

Moira: Congratulations! you accomplished what you set out to do. There’s still more work ahead of you.

ME: But I barely even have time to breath.

Moira: Then you’re lucky that it does it on its own.

ME: Very Funny….But seriously, I am my own boss and there’s a lot to think about when running a business. On top of making sure that dinner is cooked and homework is done and kids are off to their after school activities, let alone my outside commitments with Parent council and community leader…. Just talking about it makes me out of breath. This is what runs through my head everyday. A constant rolodex of things to do. Never really resting the mind… Frustrating at times….

Moira: Well my love…..

Moira: Remember to breath through it all. Not that shallow breath the one that comes from your chest. You know the one that makes your chest feel tight and your shoulders heavy. Breathe through it from deep down below. So low that your breath becomes a deep slow rhythm.Then allow that breath to anchor you, so that you’re not flying through your thoughts, making you feel like your drowning in them and taking your last breath. Once you begin to feel anchored the thoughts will cease and that’s when you can prioritize what is to get done now and what can wait.

When we get flustered, its because we are flying high in our upper chakras. Upper chakras are on the free thinking and dreams kind of level where as the lower chakras are about grounding ourselves in reality. Taking a step by step approach to life and most of all being present.

Rather then keeping everything in your head, write it down. On your device or in a mom journal. Make sure though that its easily accessible. Devices are great because you can set a reminder. You just have to remember to write it in… You could set a reminder for that too….LOL!

Have patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day. If something means that much to you, you never want to rush the process. Not if you want it to last forever. So have patience the process and have patience with yourself.

ME: So ground yourself, prioritize, and have patience… Makes sense.

Moira: Good things come to those who wait.

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Comfort Zone

My Comfort zone was shook over the weekend. This Retrograde had me a little messed up…. Ok, a lot messed up. I have been irritated with almost everything and everyone and I’m  pretty sure I’m included in that. It’s been a rough couple of weeks emotionally. It felt as if I was doing some major emotional overhauling. I’m getting a little choked up as we speak. You know there is reason why they call it our comfort. Cause Bitch!, its comfortable! it’s nice and cozy in that spot. The only thing, is that once you’re in that spot, you actually forget that you’re even there. Making you get complacent with life. You begin to think,  if that’s working for you, why mess up a good thing. The question is…. Is it really a good thing?

So how do you know if you’re in a comfort zone?

Three ways to help you know if you’re a little too comfortable with life….

  1. You’re routine is the same 365 days out of the year. Now I might be over exaggerating, but a lot of us out there stick to routine because it feels safe to us. With a routine, there is little room for mistakes. As new parents, we really begin to set schedules for our kids and ourselves, just so that we can get the most bang for our buck when it comes to time. It begins to matter less as they get older… and we get more tired. lol!
  2. You come up with excuses for not trying something new. eg. When your friends call you to come out because they found this new salsa dance spot, and you give an excuse because you’ve never danced salsa before and are to shy to try it. ” Sorry, I have to….. wash my carpet tonight.”
  3. You’re wearing the same clothes you’ve been wearing since before giving birth to your babies, who are no longer babies. We get uncomfortable with our bodies and think in order to be comfortable we must dress comfortable. Now that doesn’t mean track pants and t-shirts and oversized sweaters everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some oversized sweaters, but there is a time and place to look fabulous, and that should be everyday!…. That should be putting on a five minute face in the morning because you deserve it. That should be putting on that cute outfit to go and run errands. (I live in Canada, so we’re still waiting for the nice warmer weather to bless us.) But that doesn’t mean you can’t put on a pop of colour, if on an everyday basis you’re rocking the basic shades.

So how do we begin to get out of that comfort zone. Sometimes we have to branch out of the norm. I realized that in order to grow, you must get uncomfortable. I love to meet new people. If you feel that people you currently hang out with don’t fuel something new and adventurous, and they constantly complain and talk about the same things with little change, them perhaps it’s time to meet other people. I am in the beginning stages of entrepreneurship. I recently went to an event where I got to meet and collaborate and learn from new entrepreneurs as well as the veterans in the business. What I found is that it gave me a lot more motivation and I met a lot of new people who are on a similar journey.

Another way to get out of your comfort zone is to try something new. Now whether that means venturing out of you neighbourhood just to start, and then working yourself out of your city. Just trust that you will be safe in navigating yourself around as well as be honest with yourself and ask for help if you get lost. I can’t stand going downtown by myself, my nerves do get the best of me at times… but in the end, I muster up the courage and just go for it. Never miss out on an opportunity if it presents itself. There is a reason why it was presented to you. So act on it! I’m sure it will be worth your while. I mean, so far so good for me.

Last but not least. Switch it up! We can go our whole lives, looking in the mirror and seeing the same person with the same look. For some us, we could love that and for others, we might not like what we see at all times. It’s really not about our outward appearance but how we feel on the inside when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Are we happy with ourselves? or are their things we would like to change? Getting your hair done should be a guilty pleasure, (I’m talking to you MOM’s our there) it should just be a pleasure. Take the opportunity to slowly revamp your wardrobe. You’re growing to a grown ass woman and you must reflect that. FYI it can be done on a budget for you thrift savvy Moms out there. I love going on Pinterest and recreating outfits at a more affordable cost. Thrift stores have everything and you never break the bank.

To get fully comfortable with the new you, because everyday is a new you, you must finally get to know yourself. That in itself can be VERY uncomfortable. Track your journey by writing in a journal. A journal is great because you can always look back to reference how far you’ve come and if you’ve let go of old habits to make room for healthier more beneficial ones. It’s like a spiritual growth tracking journal. Trust me, you’ll be amazed at results. I also love to write my dreams and goals in my journal and then look back to see how many of them I accomplished.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram @righteoussoleil to follow my growth and journey.

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Tuesday, December 19th 2017

Well, I as I contemplate the day and go over anything with corrections, just in case I missed any lessons along the way. I type as I go, so I am stating from now that I will not feel guilt for my lack of grammar use. Its my journal. Today was no different, I found it somewhat hard to get out of bed… not because I was depressed, but just because I was tired. The winter will do that to you. I have never been really been one for Winter but since we have free healthcare, I guess I’ll stick around with little complaint.

2018 is fast approaching, and Miss Universe is asking me to focus on MY task at hand… Don’t worry like you used. They will make it. I have been asked to take stock.. like inventory of what’s hot and what needs to be discontinued… So here’s what I came up with…

What’s HOT is… Focusing on my hustle and my gains and don’t let others negative thoughts penetrate my temple. What should be discontinued are those people who will blame others for their own actions. pay attention, because the bull shit will follow you if you’re not careful.

What’s HOT is loving yourself too fucking much to even have the time to invest in a relationship where they can’t invest in themselves. ( YOU have to believe in yourself First before anyone else does)… That’s how the magic begins… What should be discontinued are those thoughts that limit you from being the greatest person on earth. *Note: Not every setback means you should wait of its just not meant to be… Sometimes its just Miss Universe saying…”How bad do you want it?”

What’s HOT!…. Being Spiritually conscious and sexy AF. Spirituality is not a religion where you have restrictions and you must live within the word or else bad things will happen. Being Spiritually conscious is way of life. Its a lifestyle of freedom. A Self Love like no other. Spirituality is a celebration of the journey one must take. “I just sounded like a guru”…  but  what The Guru says is true.

What definitely needs discontinuing is the Fake image of self. That image that you try to uphold for everyone else except for you. Its time to uphold yourself to your own self made standards. (They can be switched at anytime you know) The only things that is hot is being your authentic self… and that doesn’t mean in the flesh… That means be and do what makes you happy. DISCLAIMER!!!… (As long as no one gets hurt in the process) You feel me?… The only way to be authentic is to speak up… if not to others to start… Speak up to your self…. Your old self. Tell them wassup…. and then tell them that they’ve been discontinued….


Righteous Sun