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The Not So Summer Blues

I came home this morning from the cleaning the gym. What a mess it was. You wonder how one place can get so dirty…But then you realize it’s a bunch of girls in that gym… Nuff said. Anyways, To my surprise when I got home, my partner hadn’t left yet for work. That was a nice feeling. We’ve been a lot busier lately which means less time together and the time we do spend together is on the couch past out. Parents, I know you feel me.

The kids were still asleep, so I went out on the balcony to catch up on some silence. It’s always nice to catch the silence before all the hustle and bustle begins. So of course as I’m taking in the summer morning, it got me thinking…. Wow, this summer feels like a good summer. Now I’m not really sure what I meant by that at the time but I think I’m getting a handle on it.

Earlier in the month, I was feeling a bit guilty that I wasn’t really doing much with the kids. From our middle one in gymnastics 4 days a week for the whole summer and everyone working, non stop with no days off, it’s been interesting trying to navigate fun into the equation. So far the kids haven’t complained…. So far. Something about this morning made me feel like even though, I’m not taking the kids here and there, we’re still enjoying summer. It was like a sense of ease, which got me thinking even more. Since it was the eclipse and it’s all about letting go.

When I was a kids, all my friends would go on vacation during the summer. So while they were on summer vacation, they were on vacation. I, on the other hand was at home for most of the time being watched my sister or in day camp which I wasn’t very fond of. I also wasn’t fond of staying home for the entire summer. When it was the first day of school and the teacher asks the class to write about what they did for the summer, my paragraph didn’t have much details. I had to look at the difference from then and now… My summers were good but there was always this lingering feeling of worry and fear because you knew that your Dad would come home and perhaps get mad about something or perhaps your parents would start arguing which they often did. So deep down you could never really enjoy summer and let your hair down.

Fast forward to now. That feeling isn’t there. I think it was lingering around, and I never took the time to acknowledge it and release it. So I did that today. I released that feeling of tension and sadness that went along with that feeling of summers past. I sat on that balcony with a feeling of gratitude. I’m  spending my summer in a loving home that I helped create. The days are filled with summer activities and BBQ’s, Morning are filled with birds chirping and the sun rising and I get to enjoy every bit of it with no worry or fear. Deep down that’s the type of summer I always wanted. Maybe it was never really about the vacations, although I still want to do plenty of travelling with the family. It was more about experiencing the peace and leisure of summer in a safe space which makes summer of course more enjoyable as a kid. I’m definitely grateful that my partner and I can provide that for our kids. Releasing what no longer serves me and filling it with my truth and my new reality.

Reminder: Even when you feel like the world is against you, just know that the Universe is for you.


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Getting rid of the leftovers

So we’re almost at that midway point Of the year and it’s a full moon today. Called the Flower moon…. A time to assess the last few years of your progress… great job everyone! As well as a time to rid yourself of the last bit of leftovers that have kept you back from being your true self. That means getting rid of the emotional baggage such as the guilt, the resentment, the hurt and the false belief that you’re not good enough. It’s the crap that still wants to hold on tight to our aura because it has nowhere else to go and it’s ver comfortable in the parts of your being where it’s of course making your life miserable.

The Flower moon is all about fertility. That means new beginnings… the blossoming of the new you…. new experiences. No more leftover feelings that no longer serves your purpose.

We all have a tendency to continue go down the same path that always leads to a dead end which means you just have to repeat the same path or situation until you can get pass that particular obstacle or obstacles.

So how can you get rid of the last bit of leftovers?…..

  • Really get down to your feelings and figure out what’s weighing you down. Once you get real with yourself, take the time to write yourself a goodbye letter to the old you. You can take it one step further and burn it (please remember to be safe)
  • Make a list of all the things you’ve ever wanted to do… and get ready to step out of your comfort zone. Coming out of comfort zone allows you to get to know yourself a bit better and how far you can reach in this vast Universe of possibilities.
  • Make sure you’re staying true to who you are… and the only way to do that is to surround yourself with positive vibes. Keep yourself afloat with the feel good flow, you know the things that keep you motivated.

Remember the only way to release is to realize.

Realize your ability for growth and change.

Realize all the work you’ve done to get to this point.

And most importantly… Realize your worth.

You’re definitely worth more than you realize.

Happy Full moon.


Playing to my strengths

I’ve been feeling recently a pool by my spiritual posse to utilize the gifts that have been the stowed upon me from the moment of conception. Why am talking like a mid century woman is beyond me. I guess it just seems fitting… LOL!. We are all giving gifts that are passed down from our ancestors through our DNA. Now I’m sure you know somebody or perhaps yourself where a specific talent or thing comes easy to them. A natural gift.

Are you deep down believe I have many talents or so I’ve told myself as a child I enjoyed the arts and most of all dance. Both of them are perfect because I didn’t have to speak. I was a super shy kid if you know what I mean.

By high school dance was my every day well at least in my bedroom. Dance was financially out of my reach so I would watch music videos and practice in my room. It was a release at times… like therapy. Now realizing as an adult, dance was my saviour.

Now that I think about it I was always creating art of some kind growing up. My mom still has my watercolour portrait of dopey from the seven doors from grade 7 thanks Mom!

Going down the list… I am a great listener and I have good enough intuition to tell a person all about themselves in emotional and personality level. I am very personable when it comes to interacting with others young and old and my friend just texted me the other day saying I was wise beyond belief

So basically what I’m saying is that whether we realize it or not we are blessed with gifts talents and abilities from day one. I remember someone saying to me, “Rashida it would be a sin for you to never use the gifts God has givenyou.”You know what’s funny those gifts were actually were healed me I am such a private person when it comes to my journey and every journey is personal but it’s healed me to receive many blessings in my life and my families life do what you love which should be you!…. you should love you so do you do what makes you feel good do what comes naturally to you I truly believe love is strength and love conquers all right but love is also gentle and kind and soft and sweet those are the ones that come to my mind when I think of love so love yourself enough to read discover you and to do you and to get to know you so that all of your gifts and strengths can shine through.


I’m Diving in!

I’m Not sure if that is the right title for this particular topic but we’ll see how it goes. I went to eh womb healing and I’m feeling more pumped than ever. I went through that time of the month like a breeze. I feel sort of like a vortex down there getting a chance to tell others a little about myself with no judgement. It was tough but freeing all at the same time. I never realized how much a woman can store in the womb. My guides tell me ‘Well that is where you hold life.” and well life is whole lot.

So since then, I am finding that I am more nurturing, perhaps the word I’m looking for is patience. because in order to nurture you must be patient. Sometimes the things that I’m not patient for are the same things that I have no patience for in myself. Guides… “Be patient with yourself. There was patience for you in order for you to grow into the adult that you are today. Thanks!….

Now that I have a little clearing in the second chakra, my spirit has been asking me to dive deeper into the realms of my existence and ask myself why? Why what?….Why you have followed this path for quite some time.. what is your reasoning behind. and now is the time to take it to the next level. to heal other and myself.

My daughter has been complaining about her stomach. She says it feels nervous a lot. since I’m an energy healer, I knew that all I had to do was to have a mini Reiki session with her to help ease the anxiety feeling in her body. I been called to look into shamanism. to dive deep into the other side to find out what is bothering my little Mamasita!

During a meditation session. I had my guides take me to a time and place when she was in my womb. I had split up with their dad at the time and moved from house to house until I finally settled back at my Mother’s house. Not my first, second or third choice but one that had to be made. That was  where I grew up and for the most part, it  was cold and sterile then and it still was the day I moved back in. There was always a lot of tension in the house and from what I know now about energy, it can stay and settle. There was a lot of emotions going on that time. I had no stable place to call my own and I was Mother of a 2 and half year old with one on the way.

I recognize now that the stress and anxiety, the nervousness of not having a stable place to live and not knowing what was going to happen next translated completely onto my unborn baby. Now that I think about it she was the easiest pregnancy and birth, but that is probably because she absorbed the majority of those not so good feelings for me. She has always been very in tune with emotions and her environment.

So Today as I release  a lot of the old me. As I release the feelings of safety and security ‘It is safe to be here’. As I release those feelings of anxiety, worry and stress and give it all to the Universe. I also release it from my little Mamasita!  For it is not hers to carry nor is it mine. Goodbye! You are no longer welcome here.





They were fighting again. My parents that is. It felt like it was becoming the norm in my house, for my parents to fight. Well, this particular day was no different in my books. As a child, all I knew was that the yelling my ears. I remember as a child, that  I had had it up to here with all three yelling. I had made the decision to work up the courage to finally give them a piece of my mind. I walked up to them and yelled as loud as I could “STOP FIGHTING!!!!”. My parents stopped dead in their tracks and gave me a look of utter surprise. I wasn’t sure if I Should run, but my legs wouldn’t allow me to move.

 For a brief moment there was a silence that flowed through the house. The Silence didn’t last for that long, my parents just gave me a look that said, ” You’re  just a kid”, and closed the  door in my face and continued arguing. Now for those who know me they know that I can be as quiet as a mouse, but perhaps on that particular day I came to realize the potential of what my voice could do in the face of preserving my own body and mental state. The stress that I would go wonder when hearing loud negative noises made my body react in a way that was not only protective to my grounding chakra, Affirmation, “It issafe to be here”, but also fuelled my solar plexus which deals with confidence. Affirmation, “I honour the power within me”. 

Even though they kept fighting that day despite me and my siblings trying to stop it, just made  me realize for a brief moment that a person’s voice can be a powerful tool in expressing not just your views and opinions but your thoughts and feelings. Without it you can’t realize the truth that lies beneath it all. It’s like deciphering a top secret code. expressing yourself through your voice gives us the opportunity for a release which is no doubt a healing in itself. Because of the negative environment in which I lived in I as a child to be treated in word afraid to speak in about every setting in fear that I would be judged for it worst hurt so the easiest thing for me to do list to stay quiet I now know that sting quiet means that your thoughts and feelings whether good or bad will stay dormant in the body and the psyche until released when you release positive energy positive comes back when you release negative energy negative comes back. 

When you release energy that no longer serves who you are at this point in your life today, then know that your are in the right track and you will begin to feel as light as a feather. With wings to fly, and the beautiful sound of silence will ring true.