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It’s A Commitment

Make a commitment.

To yourself

To the process

To the ups and the downs

A commitment to growth

And transformation


Righteous Sun

I had a conversation with a friend the other day and we got on to the topic of commitment. What does it mean to truly be committed? And is putting a ring on it actually mean that the man is committed to you?

Let’s get into it…. Some women feel that if their significant other puts a ring on it, it means that they are taking the next step to commitment. However, some men feel that if I have kids with you and living with you then I’m committed and you don’t need a ring.

What are your thoughts?

I said commitment means more to me than just a ring on my finger. If you’re that type of person that is into the symbolism of a ring, then putting a ring on it  means that you’re committing to every piece of that person. The good and the stuff we’re still working through…. Now I’m committed to learning about myself and how I interact with my partner. I’m committed to being patient as he grows and transforms as an individual and as a partner. (Because you have to do both in order for any relationship to last.) We have to be committed to change in and outside ourselves because as we know, no one and nothing  stays the same.

Now just because you get a ring, that doesn’t mean the person is fully committed. How do you know if someone is committed?… Real Simple…

They are committed to themselves first and foremost. Now you’re probably thinking, wait! committed to just themselves?… Isn’t that a little selfish?… It’s not when that person is committing to being the best they can be for themselves and for the person they are involved with. That means growing in every possible way for the greater good.

To make a commitment means that you place value on the person you and who you are becoming. To take it one step further, once you realize that there is no separation between who you are and who you are becoming… Well then…. You are on your way, if not already there. Remember we are universal. We are past, present and Future all in one.

So what now?…. We begin by taking  baby steps towards a commitment to yourself and to the whole process. I love using my screensavers on my laptop and phone for inspirational quotes and affirmations. You use your electronics all the time, so you might as well benefit from them in a way that can remind your spirit who they are and why they’re here.

Another tip that can help in the process is to commit to one day a month of pampering yourself. Just for you. I know it’s getting cold outside if you live in the colder climates, so drop the kids off for a play date and spend the day at home… not cleaning but pampering yourself. I love nice hot baths with essential calming oils that will soothe. Light some candles and VOILA! oh yes!… We can’t forget that favourite bottle of wine. Making a commitment to yourself means that you have to be consistent. So never say that you don’t have time for you… You should always have time for you! The Universe made a commitment to you the day you were born and that my friends is a commitment that will last a lifetime!


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This retrogrades got me slow moon walking

No talking

Just silence

To find the balance

going backgrounds

trying to find the PALACE in our mind,

Working hard to redesign

Knowing fully well you must leave things behind

that no longer serves us because things were too

Treacherous to deal with.

So for now I must sit…………


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I feel the need to express myself

To supress myself is like…

Dying slowly on the inside

of my existence.

I can still see the light

Shining far off in the distance

And just for an instant…

We connect.

For the first time

I don’t reject

The wave that rushes over me.

For a brief moment

I am Free……….

And a tear runs down my cheek.



Sunday, 20 September 2015

It is time for letting go!
Letting go of what?
The guilt, the anger, the wall that have been built.
The sadness, the pain, knowing it all wasn’t in vain.

The FEAR!, the fear of a mind not clear.
These thoughts I hold dear.
They sit on my heart. It’s what sets us apart.
Only to find wholeness once again.

It’s time to let go of the bullshit, the heartaches,
The losses and the tough breaks.
It’s time to let go of the energy suckers,
The wannabes and the fakes.

It’s time to let go of Myself,
And let the Self take over.
This is it!
No more do overs
No more excuses, no more worries.
I am Here and I am Worthy.

I want to BANG! on the drums so LOUD!
For the Universe to hear me.
I want to SING! at the top of my lungs
For the Universe to free me.
Do You hear me?… DO YOU HEAR ME!!!


To be free is to realize that you are the key.
Go inside Yourself & You will see.