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Getting rid of the leftovers

So we’re almost at that midway point Of the year and it’s a full moon today. Called the Flower moon…. A time to assess the last few years of your progress… great job everyone! As well as a time to rid yourself of the last bit of leftovers that have kept you back from being your true self. That means getting rid of the emotional baggage such as the guilt, the resentment, the hurt and the false belief that you’re not good enough. It’s the crap that still wants to hold on tight to our aura because it has nowhere else to go and it’s ver comfortable in the parts of your being where it’s of course making your life miserable.

The Flower moon is all about fertility. That means new beginnings… the blossoming of the new you…. new experiences. No more leftover feelings that no longer serves your purpose.

We all have a tendency to continue go down the same path that always leads to a dead end which means you just have to repeat the same path or situation until you can get pass that particular obstacle or obstacles.

So how can you get rid of the last bit of leftovers?…..

  • Really get down to your feelings and figure out what’s weighing you down. Once you get real with yourself, take the time to write yourself a goodbye letter to the old you. You can take it one step further and burn it (please remember to be safe)
  • Make a list of all the things you’ve ever wanted to do… and get ready to step out of your comfort zone. Coming out of comfort zone allows you to get to know yourself a bit better and how far you can reach in this vast Universe of possibilities.
  • Make sure you’re staying true to who you are… and the only way to do that is to surround yourself with positive vibes. Keep yourself afloat with the feel good flow, you know the things that keep you motivated.

Remember the only way to release is to realize.

Realize your ability for growth and change.

Realize all the work you’ve done to get to this point.

And most importantly… Realize your worth.

You’re definitely worth more than you realize.

Happy Full moon.


Messages from Aunt Flow

It’s a Sunday afternoon and after having a not so great sleep, I woke up to Miss Aunt Flow this morning. Ladies, have you have had this moment where you feel this intense feeling of emotion that connects with you on some deep spiritual level, making you feel that your spiritual posse has some serious important message to divulge to you?… only to realize that it was just your period making you feel all types of ways?…and of course you can never decode the message.  I always feel like some High Priestess ready to spread deep knowledge to the world around that time of the month. Men take note; you can learn a lot from this. LOL!

Anyway now that I’m not all the way in my feelings and my emotions are not all over the place, I figured I would give myself some time to write. The kids are playing quietly with their friends after jumping around a hot ass gym for a bit. I clean a gym part time so that I can continue to live out my passion and see my dreams come true. A lot more work than I anticipated but worth it.

I have made a pack to release old thoughts and habits and replace them with positive encouragements and healthy habits. I’m beginning to realize that I have a duty to this body that I was born into and I want to see it shine in every way possible.

Note to self: Our spirit never wants to see us struggling or out of sorts. Its kind of like even though our bodies and spirits are one with each other, it still has a way of taking us off track every now then just to remind us of how it feels to be a hot mess. Cause we sure know no one out there likes to be a hot mess and misaligned with life.

Good question…. What are ways that you bounce back when you feel out of wack? and are you able to recognize when you are out of wack?

I know when it’s time to realign myself when I become like Tony Montana from Scarface… Just kidding…but I can get irritable when I’m emotionally off. This whole thing of feeling like a hermit has forced me to easily slip in and out of meditation. It feels pretty nice considering that has always been something that’s been hard for me to fully attain.

Higher Self: Meditation is not something that is attainable. It’s just something that always is.

Meaning Silence is always there…. Sometimes meditation can just sit above the surface, because our minds are so active that it actually takes longer for it to completely rest and be still. Leaving us to never fully deepen our conscious experience.

It’s kind of like the eclipse season is bringing us back to our source. The beginning of the beginning. You know what I’m talking about, Atlantis and the planet Sirius? The Mermaids, dragons and avatars?….  There was a time when everything lived in harmonious love. Remember?… If not, I’ll have to leave it for another blog session. It’s Actually one of my favourite memories that helped me to heal in a lot more ways than I even knew it would.

Great news!… I’ve sealed the deal with teaching yoga at the gym, starting in the Fall… Yeah ME!… I’ve also realized my worth and will be charging just a little under the going rate here in Toronto. Looking forward to teaching and generating more income from  what I love to do. Anyway off to take the kids to the park and tire them out hopefully.

FYI: As a parent, my favourite time of the day is bedtime…. LOL!



Messages from the Heart

July 17th, 2018.

So I’m in the middle of a serious clean. My apartment and mind was a little in disarray. I’m the type of person who cleans in sections… to much for any person can be overwhelming. And I always attribute a cluttered space with a cluttered mind. Im not sure how it works but it works. I think it’s a visual thing and a definite energy thing as well. I am still process as we speak in making a lot more room in my head. I’m just taking a break.

Something happened yesterday that got me thinking. During my serious clean, my little one comes to me and says someone’s at the door. I was in such a zone that I wasn’t really down for any interruptions. I left my mind for a sec and went to see who it was. I’m in a little shock to see my neighbours daughter standing at my door looking tired and frail. She looked like she hadn’t eaten for days if not longer. and she’s only 19yrs old. She had come to ask me if I could clear some crystals that our neighbours had given her for healing. Crystals are amazing for that. I cleared them and she began talking. She’s going to bars with friends and drinking until she passes out. Sigh!…… I cleared her energy the best I could and left her with this because lord knows I love to help the broken spirits….

I said,

Only you can break the cycle that has been passed down to you through energy and DNA. No matter the cards you’ve been felt as a child, good or bad, you have to know deep down that if you had children, you would want the best for them. You would want them to have better life than you did… I’ve been there, we’ve all been there. I’m now in the position of breaking the cycle in my family by owning my own business….And that was me saying, “I want different for myself and for my kids”.

I left it like that and prayed that she left with something. When you think about it, it really is an internal battle. The spirit finding ways to cope with the spiritual scars of life…. even though the spirit is sensitive, its also very resilient. It’s when we put in the extra love that the spirit begins to wake up and remember… we were just to far removed and hurt to see. It all comes down to you.

As a reiki healer and an intuitive spiritual Counsellor, I would love to help others fall back in love with themselves. I am open to receiving new clients and new opportunities that allow me to express my gifts talents and abilities and share them with those who are interested. As I continue to grow in my practice so will the abundance in my life. I am grateful for the here and now and what is to come.

Just a little affirmation out into the Universe.

Messages from the Heart

It was just yesterday that I was moving into my neighborhood and scrambling to find a school for My son to go to. He’s now 11 years old. I remember walking into the doors with all the forms, I went straight to the office and handed them in. When it was all said and done, they had told me the room number where my son would be learning. I went straight to Room 109 and glared at the picture that was stuck to the door. It was of a blond woman with a grin from ear to ear…. I had my suspicions of course… I’m a Mom! When the day finally came for me to drop him off to the care of another person… A complete stranger. It was one of the hardest things I could have ever done. Little did I know that I would spend the next 9 years with this particular class. Room 109. I have three kids in total and each one from my oldest son to my youngest daughter have all passed through this class room…. And yesterday was the last day I would be dropping off one of my kids for the first day of kindergarten and chatting with that same teacher in the picture. Oh! BTW, The teacher and I have built a great friendship in and out of the school, that will last a lifetime.

My not so little girl and last child graduated from Senior kindergarten.

I tried to hold it together at the graduation. Seeing the last of my kids all grown up and knowing that there won’t be one to follow. Factory is shut down for maintenance…. Self -maintenance. They’re getting older now and even though my womb will call out every so often for a child to bare. I feel deep down that Its time for to graduate as well. Graduate to ‘Parents of big kids. My oldest is about to go into grade seven. I stayed home and devoted myself to them to make sure that those first few years were the best….and I have to admit that every time one got to a certain age where they don’t need mommy anymore, I would get the baby feeling and out would pop another one. On third one, I said enough is enough. I knew deep down that she was my last. I knew deep down that feeling of changing diapers and breastfeeding was long gone for me. So today was bitter sweet…. As all three of my kids move on to the next milestone in their lives. So will I.

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What about your Friends

“What about your friends”… You know TLC always has the hottest joints and was speaking truth to top it all off. As parents we want our kids to find that best friend that they can call their own… That BFF that becomes par of the family. As parents, we also wouldn’t mind if our own kids were besties with our besties kids. Too cute! Right?. But sadly that isn’t always the case, especially as we get older. We teach our kids to be kind to our friends and to always share. All well and good until that friend starts to overstep their boundaries and begins taking advantage. Well then, it’s no holds bar after that.

Let’s begin by understanding the meaning friends. Some of us are currently in friendships that don’t really elevate you. Some of us are actually in friendships that make you feel exhausted by the end of it. And some of you are in friendships that are down right shitty.

When we were younger, we received a lot of our confidence from out friends. The more friends the . It was a status thing to show how popular you were, especially in High school.  Then by the end of your final year in high school, you realize that you might never see these people again, because you are all going to different colleges when you graduate. (If you graduated)…. All those bonds that were made slowly start to become thin as we go through our years in college meeting other people with similar interests as yourself. We move on from college and begin working and meeting new people, we might get married and have kids which then puts you in a different category of friends. (If you have any at all after having kids). Welcome to the Parents Club!

That’s why we’re going to break down what not to look for in a friendship….. You know those friends that when you talk to them, it’s always about them during the conversation. Not once do they ask you how you are doing. They just pour their whole hear out like you’re their therapist. They complain about the same thing and when you give them sound advice but they never take it. You want to find a friend that is a great listener, and someone who values you as well. It is of course a balancing act but if you’re friend is a giver and receiver than you shouldn’t run into any problems.

Make sure that the friends you keep are on the major positive tip. We might have friends that are basically Debbie Downers but because you’ve been friends for such along time, you can’t bare to tell them to brighten up their attitude. So you still hang out with them, only to begin to feel as low as your friend. Simple, hang out with people who match your vibrations. If you are on that positive vibe than you must hang out with people who match that, so that you can both celebrate together. Be aware… Those who are positive will always encourage their fellow friends because they want you to win as much as they do. No competition.

Find a friend with little to no drama. Hiccups and obstacles will always come our way, it’s our response to it that matters the most. If you have a friend that always has dram follow them and just can’t act right when the drama does happen… Then you must rethink your friendship… no matter how much they can be. If you have friends that try and you the drama even if you had nothing to do with but somehow got dragged into it… Then please rethink your friendships right now as we speak.

No judgement is huge in my book. Why?…. because we all have flaws and sometimes we’re always quick to judge others on their past without looking at ourselves in the mirror. We all have a path to take, and it can get bumpy on our journey to freedom. So don’t judge others if they haven’t reached the same level as you. If you see a willingness from your friend to make positive changes in their lives then its worth hangin’ around. By setting comfortable boundaries you can still meet others who are on the same vibe as you while still maintaining a friendship with those who are a work in progress… Because face it! we are all works in progress.

Last but  not least is to have FUN!. Have fun with your friend(s) they should be the type that gets you out of your comfort zone and helps you to be more adventurous with life. It usually works where one friends is shy and timid and the other friend is wild and spontaneous. it’s nice to that Yin and Yang in a relationship because it forces you to speak up for yourself and it also teaches you how to honour your feelings while being open to someone else’s… Like your friend!

So not that we know what’s  healthy when hanging with our friends…. What about your friends?….

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Comfort Zone

My Comfort zone was shook over the weekend. This Retrograde had me a little messed up…. Ok, a lot messed up. I have been irritated with almost everything and everyone and I’m  pretty sure I’m included in that. It’s been a rough couple of weeks emotionally. It felt as if I was doing some major emotional overhauling. I’m getting a little choked up as we speak. You know there is reason why they call it our comfort. Cause Bitch!, its comfortable! it’s nice and cozy in that spot. The only thing, is that once you’re in that spot, you actually forget that you’re even there. Making you get complacent with life. You begin to think,  if that’s working for you, why mess up a good thing. The question is…. Is it really a good thing?

So how do you know if you’re in a comfort zone?

Three ways to help you know if you’re a little too comfortable with life….

  1. You’re routine is the same 365 days out of the year. Now I might be over exaggerating, but a lot of us out there stick to routine because it feels safe to us. With a routine, there is little room for mistakes. As new parents, we really begin to set schedules for our kids and ourselves, just so that we can get the most bang for our buck when it comes to time. It begins to matter less as they get older… and we get more tired. lol!
  2. You come up with excuses for not trying something new. eg. When your friends call you to come out because they found this new salsa dance spot, and you give an excuse because you’ve never danced salsa before and are to shy to try it. ” Sorry, I have to….. wash my carpet tonight.”
  3. You’re wearing the same clothes you’ve been wearing since before giving birth to your babies, who are no longer babies. We get uncomfortable with our bodies and think in order to be comfortable we must dress comfortable. Now that doesn’t mean track pants and t-shirts and oversized sweaters everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some oversized sweaters, but there is a time and place to look fabulous, and that should be everyday!…. That should be putting on a five minute face in the morning because you deserve it. That should be putting on that cute outfit to go and run errands. (I live in Canada, so we’re still waiting for the nice warmer weather to bless us.) But that doesn’t mean you can’t put on a pop of colour, if on an everyday basis you’re rocking the basic shades.

So how do we begin to get out of that comfort zone. Sometimes we have to branch out of the norm. I realized that in order to grow, you must get uncomfortable. I love to meet new people. If you feel that people you currently hang out with don’t fuel something new and adventurous, and they constantly complain and talk about the same things with little change, them perhaps it’s time to meet other people. I am in the beginning stages of entrepreneurship. I recently went to an event where I got to meet and collaborate and learn from new entrepreneurs as well as the veterans in the business. What I found is that it gave me a lot more motivation and I met a lot of new people who are on a similar journey.

Another way to get out of your comfort zone is to try something new. Now whether that means venturing out of you neighbourhood just to start, and then working yourself out of your city. Just trust that you will be safe in navigating yourself around as well as be honest with yourself and ask for help if you get lost. I can’t stand going downtown by myself, my nerves do get the best of me at times… but in the end, I muster up the courage and just go for it. Never miss out on an opportunity if it presents itself. There is a reason why it was presented to you. So act on it! I’m sure it will be worth your while. I mean, so far so good for me.

Last but not least. Switch it up! We can go our whole lives, looking in the mirror and seeing the same person with the same look. For some us, we could love that and for others, we might not like what we see at all times. It’s really not about our outward appearance but how we feel on the inside when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Are we happy with ourselves? or are their things we would like to change? Getting your hair done should be a guilty pleasure, (I’m talking to you MOM’s our there) it should just be a pleasure. Take the opportunity to slowly revamp your wardrobe. You’re growing to a grown ass woman and you must reflect that. FYI it can be done on a budget for you thrift savvy Moms out there. I love going on Pinterest and recreating outfits at a more affordable cost. Thrift stores have everything and you never break the bank.

To get fully comfortable with the new you, because everyday is a new you, you must finally get to know yourself. That in itself can be VERY uncomfortable. Track your journey by writing in a journal. A journal is great because you can always look back to reference how far you’ve come and if you’ve let go of old habits to make room for healthier more beneficial ones. It’s like a spiritual growth tracking journal. Trust me, you’ll be amazed at results. I also love to write my dreams and goals in my journal and then look back to see how many of them I accomplished.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram @righteoussoleil to follow my growth and journey.