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You’re A Star!




Ever since being introduced to Reiki and being initiated in the Reiki level 3. Many things have started to become very real and clear to me.

The other night I was putting the kids to bed, when I decided to lay down beside them in hopes that I could get them to sleep faster. As I laid beside my daughter and closed my eyes, I immediately saw a glimpse of a shaded figure. She was luminous in bright gold. She looked like a star, Literally!. She was two dimensional, and I couldn’t see her face at all.

A beautiful a star she was. However, I couldn’t help notice that this bright two dimensional figure had large circular spirals that blocked some of the light from shining on her face. They were like splotches or blemishes. As fast as I closed my eyes, I immediately opened them. I open my eyes to see my daughter, squirming in the bed in the attempts to get comfortable. She turned on her side, looked at me and said, “Mommy, every time I close my eyes it feels like I am sleeping sideways.” It definitely took me by surprise because the figure that I saw, was a figure of her.

At first I thought, ‘Well, most people start off sleeping one way and by the end of the night are sleeping a totally different way, never to realize until the morning. I took a moment to reflect after she settled and went to sleep. My intuitive side has heightened  over the last couple of years and have really quieted the mind to allow me to listen to my guides better. So I asked them, (My guides that it is). I asked them what the image was that I saw when I closed me eyes…. They said it was my daughter’s aura.

With a little research, I learned that our spirit body can come and go into different dimensions. Especially when dealing with past lives needing to fix itself in the present time.( Let’s leave that topic for another day). Now that I was aware that it was my daughter’s aura and the color was gold. I  wanted to learn more about the gold aura traits.

To start off, auras are a subtle field of luminous radiation surrounding a person or thing. A gold aura individual is a lover of beauty and has an artistic flare. If anyone knows my daughter that is her to a “T”. They love to be the centre of attention and appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy adorning themselves with exquisite beauty. They are the bright star in a crowd. Gold aura people are not just takers of time, affection and attention, but they are also great givers of their time, energy and love. Gold aura people DO NOT like to be criticised and are quickly embarrassed when their flaws are exposed. They are very proud and fiercely independent, never asking for help. The patches or splotches that I saw in the gold aura figure?. Those were unwanted blemishes in the aura, which can come from traumatic events in past lives or emotional, mental pressures as well as anxiety in the present life. This will usually manifest itself as dark dull Aura colors. My daughter can  get anxiety when she is caught off guard by loud noises.

In the case of my daughter, she fits a lot of the gold traits. As for the blemishes or patches that I saw. Well, I am not sure what happened in her past lives to receive them, but I will continue to give her as much love as I possibly can. I will also continue to administer Reiki to my little ‘Mamasita’ as it has helped her so far. Remember, Reiki helps the body and spirit heal from past lives up to present. I imagine that one day just like many, her spirit will become whole again.