Ohhhhhh RESPECT! Now…. That is something we all want and are in constant search of… Not sure why we are in search of it when it literally lays inside our entire body. I guess we have to learn how to make it part of our entire self as a whole.

How do we do that? Well I have to start off by saying that I’m writing this blog on behalf of all people out their that are currently being taken advantage of, used and mishandled. That’s right, I said it. All three words are different and yet the same. I am speaking for the ones who are too shy or too broken to speak up.

What does RESPECT really mean?…. Let’s break it down….

R- Responsibility is a major one when it to respect. We have a responsibility to ourselves to set the tone on how we are treated. To set the tone on how we are respected.  When we undervalue ourselves, we are really saying that you can treat me any which way you want. I am you puppet. Now I know that sometimes we don’t want to rock the boat because we just don’t like confrontation but that just gives out an itinerary of how others will treat you for the rest of your life. I sure as heck do not want to see an itinerary of pure disrespect, especially towards myself. Take ownership of who and what feels good in your life…. And if they don’t like it…. Well…. they know where they can go in my book. (off the pages of my best selling novel).

E- Expectations is like setting boundaries. Have expectations on what you allow in your circle. Have expectations on what is acceptable and what’s not. Now, if we have expectations on our partner or love interest that is clearly unattainable and we’re not willing to budge or compromise, well then….. we might always be single…. let’s be honest… no one is perfect and we will always have things that we can’t stand about that love but fully well know that we also can’t live without their ass. So place realistic expectations on yourself and others, cause you have to remember that everyone has a journey and it takes time to discover it or rediscover in some cases.

S- Safe. I know what you’re thinking. How does being or feeling safe have to do respect. To feel comfortable in the choices that you make is to feel safe. Not everyone is going to agree with you but as long as they can respect that you have your own opinion is something in itself. We will purposely stay silent not to rock the boat in conversations because we are afraid of what people might think of us. I was once there and I still have my moments. We have to STOP!!!… We need to begin by creating a safe space within ourselves that is ever changing but that withstands the test of time. To feel safe is to have confidence over ones self and to when you have confidence you set the tone of how people will treat you.

P- Peace upon ourselves and our circle. That just means that I have enough peace within me to know that when someone tries to enter into my circle with their negativity, that I have enough peace within me not to FUCK THEM UP!. Sometimes we have to let go of the mindless people and their bullshit. There will be countless times when negativity will try and step in your way. You have to have enough peace of mind to know that you should always carry yourself with class and grace…. They just luck that they got GOD BLOCKED. Now take your Peace and SLAY!

E- Equality Bitch!… To feel equal with one another. We might look different or classify ourselves into different categories but the truth of the matter is we are all the same. We are Human Beings…. And as beings we are so similar, that if we all realized that, this world would be a lot different. There are people out there that might never see you as equal, but that should never stop you from commanding it. If they still can’t see it… well my motto is “You’re cut!” You are officially of the positivity train. If someone can’t see you as an equal then they are definitely not worth your time.

C- Communication is a great way to learn how to give and receive respect. For they shy person that I was, I realized that I had to communicate my feelings even if I knew it was going to shake things up for a minute. I had to muster up the courage to express myself in order for them to show me respect in the way that I saw fit. When I spoke up, it totally changed the way people began to look at me and approached me. (I’m only 5’1) How can another person change the way  they treat you if you don’t tell them? what if  you actually get positive feedback when you communicate your feelings. Anything is possible, but you have to communicate to find out.

T- Trust is the last one on the list. And probably the most important one. To trust yourself  and stand firm in your beliefs. Now your beliefs will always change as will you, but your authenticity to yourself will remain the same. The loyalty that your spirit has for you is by far the most pure and loving love to ever grace this Universe and we should have faith and trust that Spirit has your back. When you begin to trust that your authenticity really matters in this world and to your existence, a feeling of self respect will wash over you…. and when you have self respect you have self love.

Well I hope that sums it up for you. Like Aretha Franklin said, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me.” That’s is exactly right, find out what respect means to you…. oh yea!…. and  OWN IT!

I am the one that has little to no patience and have had to learn how to become patient thanks to my children. Parents you know what I’m talking about. As a mom life can get put on hold to raise the children and so what I’m trying to do is learn how to balance my personal life and my mommy life into one and make it work as smooth as I possibly can… How am I doing so far you ask?… well it’s really only been like a week but so far so good… LOL!

To be patient with the process is to be consistent as well as persistent. We can’t give up on whatever it is that we are waiting for just because it’s not coming fast enough. We have to be patient with the process and we have to be patient with ourselves. Perhaps it’s not the right time as much as we all want it to be “the right time”.

Now I’ve been doing with a lot of patience practice lately and what I’ve realized is that I need to be a little bit more gentle with myself and the situations that I am in as well as to be gentle with the relationships that I choose to build on.

Not everybody runs at the same pace and so I can’t have expectations on someone else who might not be in the same place as I am…so what I’ve learned is that I’m a little anal retentive…. lol! and rather than putting my expectations on another person, it’s better that I give the situation time and space as well as that other person time and space. When I begin to do that, I begin to practice patience with myself.

What I’ve also realized is that I can’t feel guilty if I choose not to be patient with the situation. I have my own path that I must follow. And as I continue on my path I will begin to make ground and I will begin to pick up the pace and I won’t stop until I get to the end whatever that may be.

Sometimes we tend to stop our own path to help out another and that is OK but we can’t continue to wait for that person to catch up to where we are because that can take a long time. That can also distract us from staying on course with our own path, passion and purpose.

When people get off course they think maybe it’s because it was meant to be, maybe I’m not supposed to do those things, maybe I am just meant to be a stay at home mom… a nurturer…. Darlings!… I’m here to say that you can add anything you want to your. When we get off course it’s just the Universes way of saying re-balance yourself!… and how bad do you want it…. How bad do you want to succeed and how much do you love yourself to put yourself first so that you can succeed. Pay attention when you get off course and have patience with yourself and be gentle enough with yourself that you can gradually move yourself back onto that path, purpose and passion!


Well, I as I contemplate the day and go over anything with corrections, just in case I missed any lessons along the way. I type as I go, so I am stating from now that I will not feel guilt for my lack of grammar use. Its my journal. Today was no different, I found it somewhat hard to get out of bed… not because I was depressed, but just because I was tired. The winter will do that to you. I have never been really been one for Winter but since we have free healthcare, I guess I’ll stick around with little complaint.

2018 is fast approaching, and Miss Universe is asking me to focus on MY task at hand… Don’t worry like you used. They will make it. I have been asked to take stock.. like inventory of what’s hot and what needs to be discontinued… So here’s what I came up with…

What’s HOT is… Focusing on my hustle and my gains and don’t let others negative thoughts penetrate my temple. What should be discontinued are those people who will blame others for their own actions. pay attention, because the bull shit will follow you if you’re not careful.

What’s HOT is loving yourself too fucking much to even have the time to invest in a relationship where they can’t invest in themselves. ( YOU have to believe in yourself First before anyone else does)… That’s how the magic begins… What should be discontinued are those thoughts that limit you from being the greatest person on earth. *Note: Not every setback means you should wait of its just not meant to be… Sometimes its just Miss Universe saying…”How bad do you want it?”

What’s HOT!…. Being Spiritually conscious and sexy AF. Spirituality is not a religion where you have restrictions and you must live within the word or else bad things will happen. Being Spiritually conscious is way of life. Its a lifestyle of freedom. A Self Love like no other. Spirituality is a celebration of the journey one must take. “I just sounded like a guru”…  but  what The Guru says is true.

What definitely needs discontinuing is the Fake image of self. That image that you try to uphold for everyone else except for you. Its time to uphold yourself to your own self made standards. (They can be switched at anytime you know) The only things that is hot is being your authentic self… and that doesn’t mean in the flesh… That means be and do what makes you happy. DISCLAIMER!!!… (As long as no one gets hurt in the process) You feel me?… The only way to be authentic is to speak up… if not to others to start… Speak up to your self…. Your old self. Tell them wassup…. and then tell them that they’ve been discontinued….


Righteous Sun


Sometimes we get into relationships that we believe are good for us,  but  later on down the line, we begin to compromise ourselves.  For example a partner who works out nonstop and enjoys exercising and staying fit and healthy chooses to let themselves go because their partner has low self esteem and believes that they can never get to their ideal weight. The end result is the partner with the low esteem now has brought you down to their low vibrational level, which is of course negative and is now mocking you and putting you down for your flaws. Know that the same flaws they see in you is the same flaws that they see in themselves. If that’s not who we are we need not compromise as we should be conversing with our partner about how we feel. If we love something, we shouldn’t stop on the account that it will maybe make our partner happy and loved. That isn’t healthy love. It is not your homework to make them change or feel better about themselves. If anything it takes away from you.

So what do we need to do? We need to take care of ourselves the way we would normally take care of ourselves. If that takes having a relationship with oneself to give yourself a little bit more love a little bit more self-care then do that. If that person notices and sees that change within you, then the partner will usually begin making little changes to match up with their partner. Like attracts like…and if it doesn’t match yours….. Then that person and that relationship will fall off because the vibrational levels will not match.  That’s a great way to find out if a relationship will work out or not. If it matches up to your vibrational level, then the relationship can move on and continue on its path.and if it doesn’t match up…that person and that relationship just slip away. Your Path will always continue no matter what, as long as you stay on course.  Its when we compromise our identity,  when we compromise who we are in a relationship then it takes us away from the path and journey we are meant to be on.  Is it a healthy compromise?….that’s important. If it’s a healthy compromise on both ends and it agreed upon then fine. but if it’s not then we need to rethink our role in the situation but remember to stay on course.

What is the path that you’re meant to be on? and are you compromising your self in any relationship whether in love or a family relationship or a friendship. Either way stay true to yourself.

I have heard many stories of  Women suffering from the lack of love to their vagina. This sacral space is where life and death begins. What a beautiful thing… however, not all women feel that sacred love.

many suffer from uncomfortable sexual intercourse, while others struggle to conceive. Now I speak with freedom about the pussy because I am a very liberal woman I wasn’t always like that…. I was very shy when it came to anything sexual, it wasn’t really talked about in my family ( Caribbean household ) that should tell you right there.  When I finally got my period as excited as I was to become a woman like many young girls are… Or maybe it’s just me. There wasn’t a celebration as there should be. ( in the  indigenous culture going through this moment for a young girl is a rite of passage)… don’t believe me?…. look it up.  Perhaps it is so special  because we run off the moon cycle that’s right the same Moon we look at every night. We are one in the same but… We’re too busy either getting upset that it showed up on the night we were supposed to go out or in other cases too worried whether our menstrual cycle is coming or not “I smell pregnancy”

there is so much more to the pussy than meets the eye let’s dive into the depths of the lodge and all Kanau to really fall back in love with the sacral…. “The sacred pussy” as I like to call it.

The first thing we have to do is re-connect. We as women have disconnected due to the stigma placed on us by society. We take pills to stop aunt flow but what we fail to realize is that we are also stopping the flow of energy.

Let’s drop some facts for you ladies we run off the lunation cycle which are moon phases and before there was  artificial light women ovulated when the moon was full and bled when the moon was dark. The pineal  gland then sends messages to our ovaries by hormones, to release an egg based on the amount of light our brain senses at night  when we are asleep.   I could go on forever but we would be here for days.

Feel free to check out http://www.moonsong.com.au and type in spiritual practice of menstruation. You will find all the info you need right there.

Now that we have become better friends with our vagina, we want to clear out any cobwebs that still lay dormant within. We want to let go of anything that no  longer serves it’s purpose for you and your sacred space. As women we carry a lot of energy down in the depths of our sacral space.  When we become stressed are periods tend to pull a Houdini on us, leaving us waiting in anticipation for the day to arrive. In the end causing more stress and worry when it doesn’t show up when expected. When we don’t take time heal ourselves,  there is no way we can  house a baby without passing whatever stress energy on to the newborn. The newborn now carries the emotional energy of the mother. Letting go gives way for life to begin with a clean slate.  Now is the time to let go of any guilt, shame, and or fear brought on by false beliefs.

in the book healing hands by Barbara Ann Brennan? she speaks about….

” When chakras 2A the pubic centre which is associated to the quality of love for the opposite/same-sex (it is 2017 you know)  giving and receiving physical, mental and spiritual pleasure and 2B the sacral centre which is associated with the quality sexual energy. When these two are blocked, it can result in the inability to achieve an orgasm in the woman who was unable to be open to and receive sexual nourishment from her partner.  She will most likely not connect to the vagina and may not enjoy penetration.”

I know there are plenty of women out there who cannot enjoy sex to the fullest because of how uncomfortable it feels. Now even though I can’t relate I can understand the pain a woman must feel not being able to enjoy their partner to the fullest or even on their own.

Sidenote:  Take time to enjoy and pleasure yourself because only you truly know what feels good.

The second chakra is all about movement and connection. To feel and have pleasure in ones life. When those rights are met in a healthy and loving way. You will begin to create healthy boundaries. Nurturance of self and others  and the ability to experience pleasure and everything aspect of your lives.

Remember releasing takes time and so does Forgiveness but once you’ve done the work you can begin to enjoy the fruits of your labour. (The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice) Right?

I’ve never really been close to anyone… Like anyone!!!  For some reason, I’m getting all choked up about this. I can’t lie, I always wanted a super Duper really close best friend forever… but those usually only come in pairs.  You know the ones who just know you inside and out and vice versa? They’re the ones who will never judge you but still give you the sound advice you need like…

“What would you tell me if I was in that position”,  kind of friendly advice.  I personally don’t think… Wait!…..well maybe there are people who share their deepest parts of themselves with their closest BFF. I do not fall under that category.  Do not make me break into song, Beyoncé’s ‘Me, Myself & I’. I’m still learning how to trust.

Totally off topic…. I believe it’s  because in one of my many incarnations I was a man who performed in drag and had many turbulent lovers and relationships in my life time. My whereabouts?… Paris France. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m bilingual or if it’s something that I carried over but for whatever  reason, Paris France is the destination. I worked hard for my money and was known around the globe. However because of my status I encountered people who just used me for money and fame. They were never sincere and I knew it….but the mere feelings of company whether  fake or real had me on a whirl wind spiral. Not to mention I was constantly looking for someone to love me and for someone to be loved.

Anyways, with all those thoughts that lingering.  clearly I have too much time on my hands. LOL!!! Well for those who are secure with trust, my hats off to you. For  those who are still working on it like Moi!… A big thing is to have someone who you can confide in. I call it a spiritual BFF. Someone who can stand to be around you 24/7 and vice versa. Someone who would be down to do just about anything with you. #GirlsNightOut or someone who could just sit under the stars and talk about their spiritual growth and what’s happening out in the stars.

Now I’m sure I’m going to offend some of my friends, I know….But to those, (you know who you are)…. some of you live too far away. I need to collect more air miles just to see you…. Lol! I need a spiritual BFF who lives within a 10km radius… or at least lives in a place where the flights are cheap. Is this being too specific?? (I’m willing to bend, depending on the person.

Someone who is fearless and loves to be flamboyantly extra every  now and then, who can cop an attitude when the time is right, but is really super down-to-earth. Someone who is spiritually connected with the Universe and fashion but loves nature and science because…well….I’m such a nerd. Someone I could have slumber parties with and is always ready for an adventure… Hold on….I think I’m describing ME!!!!….

I’ve been my own best friend from day one that now the Universe wants me to share my friendly qualities, my BFF with others. Is that even possible?…. Well only time can tell.

This was our first time being apart for that long, we talked on the phone, but I believe the feeling was mutual…we missed each other. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I never knew until I got home, that this saying rang true. It was an early night for the kids coming back from having late nights up at the cottage. We settled them in their beds and snuck outside on the balcony…… we were intertwined.

“At the two points where the front and rear centres come together, in the heart of the chakra, in the spine, the life force exhibits its second most powerful urge and purpose- that of the desire for the sexual union. This powerful force breaks through the self-imposed barriers between two people and draws them close to each other.

So that means that each person is sexually is connected to its life force. For the great majority of people, the sexual energy moves through, charges and discharges in  orgasm through these two sexual chakras. This movement revitalizes and cleanses the body with an energy bath. It rids the body system of clogged energy,  waste products in deep tension. Sexual orgasm is important that the physical well-being of the person.”

Well I’ve been saing  that for forever.

“The mutual letting go into deep communion through giving and receiving in sexual intercourse is one of the main ways humanity has of  deeply letting go of the ego “separateness” and experiencing unity.  When done with love and respect for the uniqueness of your mate, it is a holy experience culmunatng from the deep primordial evolutionary urges of mating  on the physical level and the deep spiritual yearnings of uniting with divinity. It is a wedding of both the spiritual and physical aspects of the two human beings.”(Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan)

I couldn’t  have said it better myself!. I’m always saying how sex needs to be an intricate part of my relationship and my life. Being a part for that long and reconnecting made the experience exactly  how the author describes it. We were becoming one with each other. We were always becoming one with each other, whether we were making love or just having sex. It is and will always be a sacred act. I just wonder about those who who’ve never felt that connection…. how are they getting along?