It’s A Commitment

Make a commitment.
To yourself
To the process
To the ups and the downs
A commitment to growth
And transformation
Righteous Sun

Fighting for my Inner child

I’m fighting for my inner child who never said a word
I’m writing for the inner child whose words might have gone unheard

Self care shouldn’t be a chore

I am about 85% better from the cold that knocked me out a few days ago and of course was met with some challenges along the way to health.

Just When You’re Getting The Hang Of It.

Its been an emotional couple of weeks since the kids went back to school. Other years I was prepared, like a veteran getting the routine down pat. This time however…

Learning as I Go

Well, it’s a learning process for sure when it comes to running a small business. I felt like I have dived a lot deeper than before, and the Universe is telling me to Woman up. Sigh! My finances are currently in hot water. “I AM PROSPEROUS” and I am being forced to make a lot…

Complete Overhaul

Ok guys!….. I’ve been battling with this for some time now and I think….

Follow Up

It is August. So after taking time to make sense of it all… I realized…

Breathing through it all

Every now and then I, just like many others goes through their ups and downs on every conceivable level. I am a Mom who just want the best for herself and her family. So every now and then, I’ll take a moment a speak to creator for some sound advice. By the way, I gave …

What about your Friends

“What about your friends”… You know TLC always has the hottest joints and was speaking truth to top it all off. As parents we want our kids to find that best friend that they can call their own… That BFF that becomes par of the family. As parents, we also wouldn’t mind if our own…