I am a Mom of three beautiful children and a hustler at heart. My passion is to teach and share with the world Self Love and self care. Self care can come in many forms and it of course all starts from within. We have to first take care of ourselves body, mind and spirit. As I grow older on this journey, my goal is to make sure I’m doing everything with balance and LOVE!. Our body is a temple and it is important to take of it as such. That is why I created this space to help others on their path to Health and Wellness. I have been blessed to become a Certified kids Yoga Instructor and a Certified Master Reiki Practitioner. I am also the creator of Aries Collection. A kids clothing and accessories shop.  I can only hope that you join me on this journey through the four levels of my healing. I hope to share all my thoughts and lessons learnt along the way. And I hope to document every piece of the action. All in the name of self love. Enjoy!