Breathing through it all

Every now and then I, just like many others goes through their ups and downs on every conceivable level. I am a Mom who just want the best for herself and her family. So every now and then, I’ll take a moment a speak to creator for some sound advice.

By the way, I gave  them a name… Morion. I think it was about two years ago when I when I had asked the name of my spiritual guide. They had said “Moira” , which ,means destiny or fate. Makes sense.(Google it)

This is how it all went down…..

ME:  So to recap my life for myself… Just so I’m clear… I am a Mother of three kids who has been on this spiritual journey for my whole life, sleeping for most of it and have been slowly waking up from this dream like state. I’ve been awake now of over 10 years. As distorted and confusing as the whole process has been. I have managed to pay attention to the subtleties around me and has used what has been given to me, to my advantage. With spiritual practices in place, Rashida, you have managed to start a business to teach little ones and young people about yoga. and meditation. I get to teach them about a practice that allows you to get better acquainted with you.

Moira: Congratulations! you accomplished what you set out to do. There’s still more work ahead of you.

ME: But I barely even have time to breath.

Moira: Then you’re lucky that it does it on its own.

ME: Very Funny….But seriously, I am my own boss and there’s a lot to think about when running a business. On top of making sure that dinner is cooked and homework is done and kids are off to their after school activities, let alone my outside commitments with Parent council and community leader…. Just talking about it makes me out of breath. This is what runs through my head everyday. A constant rolodex of things to do. Never really resting the mind… Frustrating at times….

Moira: Well my love…..

Moira: Remember to breath through it all. Not that shallow breath the one that comes from your chest. You know the one that makes your chest feel tight and your shoulders heavy. Breathe through it from deep down below. So low that your breath becomes a deep slow rhythm.Then allow that breath to anchor you, so that you’re not flying through your thoughts, making you feel like your drowning in them and taking your last breath. Once you begin to feel anchored the thoughts will cease and that’s when you can prioritize what is to get done now and what can wait.

When we get flustered, its because we are flying high in our upper chakras. Upper chakras are on the free thinking and dreams kind of level where as the lower chakras are about grounding ourselves in reality. Taking a step by step approach to life and most of all being present.

Rather then keeping everything in your head, write it down. On your device or in a mom journal. Make sure though that its easily accessible. Devices are great because you can set a reminder. You just have to remember to write it in… You could set a reminder for that too….LOL!

Have patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day. If something means that much to you, you never want to rush the process. Not if you want it to last forever. So have patience the process and have patience with yourself.

ME: So ground yourself, prioritize, and have patience… Makes sense.

Moira: Good things come to those who wait.


  1. Breathing deeply has been a journey for me. I have been shallow breathing since a child; as of last year I started being more aware of my breaths. Thank you for sharing your journey. Look forward to more posts! Peace and blissfullness to you!

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