Righteous Sun vs. Rashida Wall

For the last couple of days into 2018 and for the past 3 months leading up to 2018, I’ve been grappling with who I am…. I mean who I really am….. Does anybody know?… cause if you do….please let me know. I’ve connected with many family members since My estranged Father passed away. I’ve realized that perhaps there is more to me than meets the Third eye. I want to understand the real me and to understand that….  I  must start with me name. My full name is Rashida Nyema Alisha Wall.. Well that was really revealing. Can’t Lie. Growing up,. Rashida was not my name of choice,. but when you’re stuck with it. It wasn’t until I was 19 and for whatever reason decided to ask my Mom what my name meant and she couldn’t give me an answer. Of course with the magic of the Internet I found that Rashida meant Righteous in Swahili and my middle name  Nyema, means Sun in Tibet. Wow what a combo. With that name I’m ready to conquer the world,. no wait! the Universe… No wait!…..The Cosmos. Rashida Nyema AKA Righteous Sun is here to stay.

Only one little glitch… When I look at or write the name Rashida Nyema Alisha Wall.  Sometimes I forget that it has such a powerful meaning behind it. (side not: Our names are given to us for a reason.) Usually, I automatically feel like Rashida is this shy little girl who has no clue whether she’s coming or going, is way to much in her head that she finds it hard to escape out of her mind and sometimes lacks confidence faith within herself to achieve all her dreams.

Righteous Sun however, is calm, cool and collective, with a lot of sauce and a side of don’t  fuck with attitude. Righteous Sun is a Goddess and is love in the flesh. She wants to spread peace and joy to all who will listen and has faith that all will be revealed in time….Righteous Sun is just here for the ride. Righteous Sun is bold and speaks her mind at all costs… Creativity and connections are her strong suits and just a piece of her passion… and oh ya!…. she never gives up!….

Am I crazy?… or is this normal?….

Righteous Sun says it’s ok to have to have duality,. it helps us to realize our fears and desires… and then brings them all into perspective. We are still human and we do have fears and negative thoughts that are brought on by the past and/or past lives that do need tending to or at least stepped on and kicked out of the door of your mind.

Bitch the door!!!

There’s no room for those thoughts anymore. There is no time for those thoughts anymore. Righteous Sun has moved in permanently….Rashida Nyema and Righteous Sun are one in the same. They are whole with one another, and if that’s not the case then Bitch it’s time to get Whole!…  It’s time to let Righteous Sun Fly free. Its time for more connections, it’s time for more free thought ( That is my favourite.. You never know what might come out my mouth. It’s time to trust ourselves intuitively like we are the holy grail…and it’s most definitely time to strut in our truth… Cause if you don’t who will?….Rashida means Righteous and Righteous is Rashida… and I am light…. Shine Bright!

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