December 26th,2017

We are now in Capricorn season. It’s not Libra season so it will have to do…lol. We are still in limbo especially after Christmas and especially before New Years. Trying to pick up all the fallen emotional  pieces that were dropped along the way. Remember to only pick up he things that serve purpose, and leave the things behind that only swerve your purpose. With the new year fast approaching I  have encountered a lot of second guessers about life and what they will make of it. Some I work with through business partnership ad others I work with through sheer relationship status. Either way, I need these people in more than one way.

As we leave 2017. We need to leave that feeling of doubt behind. and grab life by the horn. Even though they’re are many obstacles along the way that we may encounter, that doesn’t mean that our life path isn’t meant to be. Those obstacles are there to prepare us for the big exam and Miss Universe wants to know how bad do you want it. How much do you love and value yourself to make your dreams and desires come to fruition. When we say, “It’s just not meant to be” it’s like saying, “You are meant to be”… and clearly we know that’s far from the truth. Capricorn season brings about a resourcefulness, tenacity and an unwillingness to give up.

Capricorn season is about finding  solutions to the problems that in turn leaves us feeling doubtful. So as we step into 2018… Step in with more bravado than you ever have before. Go in doing instead of thinking about all the finer details. Thinking only leads to procrastination, which only leads to you running in place and getting nowhere… Remember you are someone and you are definitely going somewhere in life.

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