Tuesday, December 19th 2017

Well, I as I contemplate the day and go over anything with corrections, just in case I missed any lessons along the way. I type as I go, so I am stating from now that I will not feel guilt for my lack of grammar use. Its my journal. Today was no different, I found it somewhat hard to get out of bed… not because I was depressed, but just because I was tired. The winter will do that to you. I have never been really been one for Winter but since we have free healthcare, I guess I’ll stick around with little complaint.

2018 is fast approaching, and Miss Universe is asking me to focus on MY task at hand… Don’t worry like you used. They will make it. I have been asked to take stock.. like inventory of what’s hot and what needs to be discontinued… So here’s what I came up with…

What’s HOT is… Focusing on my hustle and my gains and don’t let others negative thoughts penetrate my temple. What should be discontinued are those people who will blame others for their own actions. pay attention, because the bull shit will follow you if you’re not careful.

What’s HOT is loving yourself too fucking much to even have the time to invest in a relationship where they can’t invest in themselves. ( YOU have to believe in yourself First before anyone else does)… That’s how the magic begins… What should be discontinued are those thoughts that limit you from being the greatest person on earth. *Note: Not every setback means you should wait of its just not meant to be… Sometimes its just Miss Universe saying…”How bad do you want it?”

What’s HOT!…. Being Spiritually conscious and sexy AF. Spirituality is not a religion where you have restrictions and you must live within the word or else bad things will happen. Being Spiritually conscious is way of life. Its a lifestyle of freedom. A Self Love like no other. Spirituality is a celebration of the journey one must take. “I just sounded like a guru”…  but  what The Guru says is true.

What definitely needs discontinuing is the Fake image of self. That image that you try to uphold for everyone else except for you. Its time to uphold yourself to your own self made standards. (They can be switched at anytime you know) The only things that is hot is being your authentic self… and that doesn’t mean in the flesh… That means be and do what makes you happy. DISCLAIMER!!!… (As long as no one gets hurt in the process) You feel me?… The only way to be authentic is to speak up… if not to others to start… Speak up to your self…. Your old self. Tell them wassup…. and then tell them that they’ve been discontinued….


Righteous Sun


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