Sometimes when we reach a certain level of success, we tend to take it easy… we need a break from all the work we did to reach that point. It’s ok to give your body a rest , kind of like going into the arms of the Universe so they can shelter you and congratulate you for all the hard work. Put your feet up and relax….. Not for long though….it’s time to reflect and refine ourselves. Hone in our gifts, abilities and talents. The work isn’t over yet.

That was me a week ago… I took some time off to recoup and reflect… and it was definitely time to celebrate!!!… what better way to do that then to have my BFF come from out of province…. I live in Canada. A week with her and the all the kiddies together. We can’t forget some well deserved ladies nights. It was nice to just relax like when we were teenagers. I think getting back together made realize that we are constantly figuring things out to improve ourselves and our over all lives. And to be around those who you love and care about is makes it all a little easier…. makes you you realize that we’re not alone in any of it. It also made me realize that when I relax and let my hair down, I come back with more surge than ever. Remember that age when we thought the world was our oyster and we had no fears. That carefree attitude… I saw a glimpse of that and thought…”I love this side of me”… My guides say “It was always there, it never left.” Now refine yourself like fine wine!… I promise you’ll taste better…. I mean feel better in the long run.

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