One Year Older

My birthday just passed a couple of days ago on October 2… i’m 36 years old now. I feel like I’m in a calm in between… as if I’m being asked to look back on all of my successes in all areas of my life and really take to heart the amount of work that I’ve put in up until this date… up until turning 36… it feels like just yesterday that I was this shy girl… I really had to dive deep into a relationship with myself in order to really see the beauty in the mishaps and the beauty in the set backs of life. feel like that kind of beauty brings you to a point of humble beauty because it was all the work that was done internally…the Internal work is so intricately beautiful that it almost makes you feel naked on the outside , if that makes any sense…

My guides are asking me to sit in all of the wisdom that I’ve learned up until now. To ponder it ; to absorb it; to recognize it; to honour it… to live in it because that wisdom is now getting ready to be served to the rest of the world like a pot of soup. You know that good warm chicken noodle soup that sits on the stove hours absorbing all that good flavour?… That kind of soup.

It’s harvest time!!!!….As the full moon approaches… The Harvest Moon 🌕 which means, it’s time to harvest all of what you’ve learned over the first half of the year. Harvest it and share amongst others the wisdom that has helped you to this point. Break bread with others and learn, share and connect. I’ve grown a lot in he last couple of years… I’ve to believe in myself and to speak up and let my voice be heard. Preparing myself for moments like these… Now I’m ready to connect and celebrate with others… Reach out and collaborate with those who have the same passion for change and growth… To help others who seek their dream…. We all have a dream…

What’s Yours?…..

Update: For those who follow me…. back in December 2016 I had written a blog called, “Keeping the Faith”. It was in regards to me working with the district school board to push the agenda of teaching kids about health and wellness in order to help them learn better in school. I am happy to announce that I will be partnering up with Toronto District School Board to run a therapeutic health and wellness initiative. I had written a proposal to the district school board in regards to partnership and was corresponding throughout the summer. they agreed to my proposal and I will be working alongside them to promote health and wellness amongst children and staff. This will not only help children learn healthier coping skill but it will also help staff recognize those children who may be suffering from stress and anxiety. Kids have stressed to!

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