Sometimes we get into relationships that we believe are good for us,  but  later on down the line, we begin to compromise ourselves.  For example a partner who works out nonstop and enjoys exercising and staying fit and healthy chooses to let themselves go because their partner has low self esteem and believes that they can never get to their ideal weight. The end result is the partner with the low esteem now has brought you down to their low vibrational level, which is of course negative and is now mocking you and putting you down for your flaws. Know that the same flaws they see in you is the same flaws that they see in themselves. If that’s not who we are we need not compromise as we should be conversing with our partner about how we feel. If we love something, we shouldn’t stop on the account that it will maybe make our partner happy and loved. That isn’t healthy love. It is not your homework to make them change or feel better about themselves. If anything it takes away from you.

So what do we need to do? We need to take care of ourselves the way we would normally take care of ourselves. If that takes having a relationship with oneself to give yourself a little bit more love a little bit more self-care then do that. If that person notices and sees that change within you, then the partner will usually begin making little changes to match up with their partner. Like attracts like…and if it doesn’t match yours….. Then that person and that relationship will fall off because the vibrational levels will not match.  That’s a great way to find out if a relationship will work out or not. If it matches up to your vibrational level, then the relationship can move on and continue on its path.and if it doesn’t match up…that person and that relationship just slip away. Your Path will always continue no matter what, as long as you stay on course.  Its when we compromise our identity,  when we compromise who we are in a relationship then it takes us away from the path and journey we are meant to be on.  Is it a healthy compromise?….that’s important. If it’s a healthy compromise on both ends and it agreed upon then fine. but if it’s not then we need to rethink our role in the situation but remember to stay on course.

What is the path that you’re meant to be on? and are you compromising your self in any relationship whether in love or a family relationship or a friendship. Either way stay true to yourself.

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