So I….( just like many others) troll instagram to see what’s what in just about anything. What I love the most, is that you can tailor it to your interests and to those who are like minded from around the globe.

I love to see anything positive and uplifting, (those are my favourite) next in line are the motivational and inspiring posts, (those get me off my butt!) and last but not least….a little sex appeal to remind me I’m still alive…. LOL!

what we seem to forget, is that life doesn’t exist behind the screen and in reality we can sometimes encounter people who are are constantly in transition rather than transformation. Let me explain myself. You can  be transitioning from marriage to  divorce. That transition will of course be sad with a little ugly, but… the Transformation of your self, (the process, the journey) now that’s something to glow about.

If you’re transitioning from one job to the next that can be a little scary but the transformation from one job to an even better job is something to glow about.


Because  transforming means that you  are growing into something new and improved.

All I’m saying is that we need not focus on the transition as the transformation is much more important. That is what matters, that is what counts because without the transformation there will be no transition from one to the next. Transitioning can suck but transformation can be exciting and inspiring!!

Affirmation:  I transform through transitions with ease.

I want to  personally glow through every transition and transformation. To celebrate every hiccup, every low and high point. Growing and glowing through it all!


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