Let’s Talk about Sex!

This was our first time being apart for that long, we talked on the phone, but I believe the feeling was mutual…we missed each other. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I never knew until I got home, that this saying rang true. It was an early night for the kids coming back from having late nights up at the cottage. We settled them in their beds and snuck outside on the balcony…… we were intertwined.

“At the two points where the front and rear centres come together, in the heart of the chakra, in the spine, the life force exhibits its second most powerful urge and purpose- that of the desire for the sexual union. This powerful force breaks through the self-imposed barriers between two people and draws them close to each other.

So that means that each person is sexually is connected to its life force. For the great majority of people, the sexual energy moves through, charges and discharges in  orgasm through these two sexual chakras. This movement revitalizes and cleanses the body with an energy bath. It rids the body system of clogged energy,  waste products in deep tension. Sexual orgasm is important that the physical well-being of the person.”

Well I’ve been saing  that for forever.

“The mutual letting go into deep communion through giving and receiving in sexual intercourse is one of the main ways humanity has of  deeply letting go of the ego “separateness” and experiencing unity.  When done with love and respect for the uniqueness of your mate, it is a holy experience culmunatng from the deep primordial evolutionary urges of mating  on the physical level and the deep spiritual yearnings of uniting with divinity. It is a wedding of both the spiritual and physical aspects of the two human beings.”(Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan)

I couldn’t  have said it better myself!. I’m always saying how sex needs to be an intricate part of my relationship and my life. Being a part for that long and reconnecting made the experience exactly  how the author describes it. We were becoming one with each other. We were always becoming one with each other, whether we were making love or just having sex. It is and will always be a sacred act. I just wonder about those who who’ve never felt that connection…. how are they getting along?

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