Grandparents Wanted!!!

So there’s this new wave of grandparents who are choosing to spend less time with their grandkids and family and more time to themselves. I’m not faulting them for that, they worked really hard and deserve a break. But it seems like they forget what it’s like to be a parent. They forget how much work  it is and how important it was to have some quiet time to reconnect with themselves and with their partners, if they’re in a relationship. That quality adult time I realize is crucial in having a healthy loving relationship with yourself and with others. Not to mention how important it is for the kids to receive guidance and social interactions from others such as family members as long as its healthy and productive.  It’s especially important for older people as well as adults to spend time with children. That helps for us grownups to reconnect with their inner child. Sadly there are many grandparents that say to their kids, “You had them so they are your responsibility.” I agree  to those words, I chose to have them and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. However at some point in their lives they were parents and I guarantee they were also in need of some downtime. Downtime allows for us to re-center ourselves so that we can come back with open arms to our loved ones and our children. How can we give love to others when we barely have time to give it to ourselves?….  and so society says we must put ourselves to the side to take care of our kids and when they are all grown up and hopefully out of the house only then should we be allowed to enjoy ourselves and our partner if we still have enough energy to do so. All I’m saying is that when I get older I want to have the opportunity and the privilege to not only see my grandkids but also be an intricate part of their lives they will be giving me the best gift on this earth before I have to leave it. Just to be able to see the next creation of generations and they’re beautiful spirits to be able to share the wisdom that I’ve learned with them and vice versa would be an honour that I’m glad to take on. That is a gift to cherish and I would never trade that for anything…. oh yeah!!!…and the good thing is you get to bring them back to their parents. LOL just saying!

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