Devine timing

I was  in the worst mood the other day. The  sky was gloomy, the sun hadn’t been out and I had just come back from the cottage and it’s like the city just smacked me in my face again. The  bustling cars, the annoying people  with their same drama.…  not to mention that I feel in limbo with my soul journey.

What’s a soul journey you ask?… it is the path your spirit soul is meant to go on. Your  soul journey is like the blueprint of your life. It is the path that your soul is meant to go on all while learning lessons and redefining ourselves in a positive way through the whole process. We just happened to be the conduit if you say. Nobody said the path to enlightenment was going to be easy…. it has a  definitely been a calculated hot mess. All with fun surprises Mixed in…. good ones and not so good ones…. let’s just say that’s it’s been interesting up until now.

Anyways…. to get back to the not so good day that I was having I get out my car to go pick up some groceries and as I am in the parking lot, I cross paths with a woman. For whatever reason we catch each other’s eyes. It was like our spirits locked and then we locked out and kept going.  It kind  of felt like forever but in reality it was only like a millisecond… fast-forward A couple minutes later and I see that same woman looking at some really oversize steaks that were on sale….she was there talking to another lady about the size of the steaks and how abnormal they looked. For  whatever reason I decided to go walk over with the intent of coarse to have a conversation with her it was kind of like an out of body experience like my spirit was guiding me over to her but my ego didn’t want to talk to anyone that day…. next thing you know I’m striking up a conversation with the same woman that I crossed paths with in the parking lot and we start talking about what else but that oversized deformed meat.  Once we both made a solid decision not to purchase the meet our conversation started to lead into crossing paths in the parking lot and how weird that was but how not of a coincidence it was that we happen to see each other again in the grocery store… minutes later through our conversation we both realized that we are light workers both studied Reiki and are healers in our everyday life and career. Fate?….right?… We exchanged numbers only to eventually meet up again to talk more about our passion. Needless to say I was not in a bad mood anymore. The Universe will do that to you…. in that I mean it will remind you that it has your back by constantly showing you glimpses of itself, through encounters and situations.

You know what’s interesting?…. she said our spirits connected “Slow Mo” (Mo(tion)) … meaning that when things happen or appear in “slow mode” they’re Spiritual responses/ triggers/ ideals…things to record in detail when journeying to the Soul/ on Soul Path/Mission.
pretty neet huh?….

anyways!….  surprised I even had time to blog with it being summer vacation and all….  no school for the kids so this mama is very busy. No time to be grammatically correct but just enough time to speak from the heart and tell you what’s been on my mind…. I guess you could say having enough time to write this was like Devine timing… the kids actually allowed me some time. Well if that not Devine timing….

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