A good way to look at separation is by using your hand. Look at your open palm with the fingers spaced apart and tell me what you see. Do you see gaps? do you see spaces?. In life when society aids in creating separation by colour, gender, class etc. all it does is create gaps for all the good stuff to fall right through never lasting.

Now bring your fingers back together tell me what you see? I see very little gaps between my fingers. When we close that separation  it gives way for all of the good stuff and all of the blessings to stay right in the palm of your hands… making it long lasting. Now if you still see gaps between your fingers know that the gap is smaller and that little space that you see…That is there to gives us a chance to sift out what we want and what we don’t want. As we continue to close the gap it then becomes easier to identify and eliminate, or even set healthy boundaries for what’s good for us and what doesn’t feel good for us. 


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