Saying Hello to the new Me!

Everyone has been telling me that they like the new me…. so what are they trying to say?…. lol!… just kidding… I have to admit that I actually agree with them… this hasn’t been an overnight sensation thing… And trust me that I didn’t wake up like this…

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It has most definitely been a labour of love on my part. I can’t lie though. There are time when I second guess myself… I start to believe that the ones I truly care about think that I should be finding that office job that will secure my future for the long run…. News Flash!…. Nothing in life is ever secure. We are constantly changing and evolving our spirits are forever growing and expanding with every experience… And I for one, do not want to miss a thing.

I definitely don’t want to miss an experience that I’ve been waiting a long time for. I’ve always been fascinated with teaching and helping others. So to have the opportunity to run a workshop is a dream come true… 

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I finally get the opportunity and the blessing from the Universe  to share what I’ve learned over the past 10 years with others. I will be running a workshop on self love and empowerment. You see I was the girl who never spoke up….. EVER!!!…Trauma can do that to a person. And when I did speak up it came out as anger or tears… it came out as anxiety and nervousness. I would get so nervous that I would have out of body experiences and suffer from short term memory loss… I have screwed up countless performances and speaches in my lifetime to make a Girl wanna give up. But the Universe said, ‘I have bigger plans for you.’ First I needed begin to love myself in order to discover myself. When you love something you pay attention to it. And when you begin to pay close attention, is when you begin to unravel and discover the many gifts, talents and abilities you truly posess. They’ve always been there, it’s just that we didn’t love ourselves enough to see it.

Now I see the light… because I am the light.. and now I get to spread that light to others… I get to share my journey, which I’ve always been afraid to share with the public, and I get to teach others how to follow their path through love and empowerment… I am confident that I am going in the right direction, or I wouldn’t have received this blessing… the biggest obstacle that I’ve had to overcome is believing in myself and believing that everything comes in time…. all I have to do is keep the faith… No matter how many people put in their two cents…. it’s all you BABY! It’s your life….So remember to love all of you… don’t leave anything out…. And most importantly…..

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