Every morning I do a drop off of children to the school bus stop for some parents and on my way back I crossed paths with one of my neighbours. The person said, “hello! how are you? I said, “I’m good!, how are you?” she said, “I’m fine… so I’m moving this month”… and I said, oh that’s great to hear”…now the only thing that you must realize in this conversation is that every time I meet up with this particular neighbour the script between the two of us is always the same. we always say “hello, how are you and every time she says, so I’m moving this month and I say great to hear hear… every day somewhere in this world there are conversations that are happening between people where the script is the exact same every single time and the scene never changes. In this case her scene stays the same all the time when we meet.she said she’s going to move and she never does it start at to make me realize that some of us live in the same scene over and over and over again in their head until it comes out right but the only way that it can come out right is if you take action. we need to remember to stay grounded. people are too much in their heads and up in the clouds to the point where they keep replaying the same scene in their head hoping for a new outcome. It’s time to change the script…. it’s time to pick out those dreams and desires that resonate with our spirit and set realistic goals for ourselves to achieve a different script. 

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