A woman’s Energy

There is a different energy that comes from women….. I was standing in the hallway after dropping off my kids at school. The National anthem had come on. And as I looked down the corridor of the school I saw three women… mothers, daughters, sisters, hard workers and I thought to myself… how much of yourself have you had to give? Just this morning, how much have you had to dispel your powerful energy just to get to this point of stillness…. if just for a minute. The energy that resonated from th was mesmerizing. I felt strength, I felt a genuine love, and this sense of honour and pride. There lies more within us than we think. There is a hidden energy that is stored deep within the core and we use it when necessary. If not all the time….. just know that we have an unlimited amount of love to give even when we think we don’t… even when we are completely exhausted… As long as we love ourselves first.


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