Masculine Beauty


I always thought of Masculinity as this Big scary monster that would bully you in any which way it seemed fit.  As a child, my perception of what masculinity, was of a man being rough and tough and angry all the time to his family. This was the same family he claimed to love. Well, that is not what I saw, when I went over to my friends homes. In other families, I witnessed two parent households that functioned for the most part with love. You see as a child, we perceive what we see, and we take that with us. Now that doesn’t mean that the families that I witnessed giving and receiving love… that doesn’t mean they never argued, but from a child’s perception, they were a loving Family….I was right!

I never really had a clear cut understanding of what Masculinity was. I grew up learning that there was Male and Female. Boys were rough and tough and Girls were sweet and gentle. I was always a little of both, but also a little confused inside. Because I didn’t have a clear example of a positive male role model, I completely dismissed my  Father, Men, and ultimately the Male species all together, by blocking out the Male energy, it was like I  was denying half of myself, making the male energy within my spirit, non existent. It made it tough for me to speak in public, and when my masculine side did come out, it came out in angry violent burst. So it was best to stay quiet, and keep to myself.

I am an adult now, and I am also a very petite woman, standing at 5’1. and I have noticed that I usually have to come in with not so much aggression but more assertiveness. To assert myself is to claim my rightful spot in this world and at that particular moment. To be recognized and heard.

Other Masculine traits, as per Wikipedia are, Courage, independence, and assertiveness. As we all know, this is an no way written in stone, and all depends on our environment. However, each one of those traits are located in the solar plexus. And if we don’t assert ourselves in eating healthy, if we don’t assert ourselves in daily physical activity, whether it be for your mind or your body, then we will never see the beauty in what the masculine energy can bring to the table. The amount of internal confidence that shines through is kind of… Liberating. You will begin to see a difference… You’ll know, because it will never come from a place of anger,  it will always come for a place of love.

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