Never give up!




I keep getting sucked back in. I’ve never been one to give up. I might leave it and walk away, but…. I always come back to it. Perhaps its just I need to take my time to process. I am a very sensitive spirit and so I can sense energy right away. Which usually means I’m processing more than on thing in my mind at once as well as processing the thoughts of others. Those are the moments when I go home and shut myself off from social media especially, and just hang with the Fam! Like the outside world doesn’t exist.

I have been diligently working on helping a public school that desperately needs help. Just like many public schools in North America. The children’s reaction to action is usually physical. Many of the kids come to school with no lunch, and the lunch that is brought o school is never healthy. This leaves kids unable to sit still and concentrate and the circumstances at home are not always positive and loving like we would hope.

With that being said, we cant always save kids from the environment that they live in, as well as we can’t always change another person. It’s up to that individual to make the change but first they have to see the change within themselves. How, when their light within is so dim?

We do it with inspiration. we inspire them to find the change within by giving them the  tools and foundation. What are those tools and foundation. Let’s start with the foundation. We need a solid ground to plant our seed and we need lots of healthy food and water to help it grow. Most importantly, we need lots of Love to maintain healthy growth and development. Once we have that in place, we work on our tools. The tools of everyday mindfulness and quiet time also know as meditation. Once we fill those needs, a child can become open to learning just about anything, because as we know that are like sponges.

To provide them with hands on learning as they develop, will give them any reason to want to come to school. To allow them to be involved and included and not this preached style of learning. I have been working long and hard to get all elected officials and community organizations to come to the table to discuss a plan of action for the New Year.

I have seen the ups and downs of that school, but after five years of speaking up and speaking the truth, I feel a change is upon us. I have faith!… I have to….. My kids go to this school.

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