I’m Diving in!

I’m Not sure if that is the right title for this particular topic but we’ll see how it goes. I went to eh womb healing and I’m feeling more pumped than ever. I went through that time of the month like a breeze. I feel sort of like a vortex down there getting a chance to tell others a little about myself with no judgement. It was tough but freeing all at the same time. I never realized how much a woman can store in the womb. My guides tell me ‘Well that is where you hold life.” and well life is whole lot.

So since then, I am finding that I am more nurturing, perhaps the word I’m looking for is patience. because in order to nurture you must be patient. Sometimes the things that I’m not patient for are the same things that I have no patience for in myself. Guides… “Be patient with yourself. There was patience for you in order for you to grow into the adult that you are today. Thanks!….

Now that I have a little clearing in the second chakra, my spirit has been asking me to dive deeper into the realms of my existence and ask myself why? Why what?….Why you have followed this path for quite some time.. what is your reasoning behind. and now is the time to take it to the next level. to heal other and myself.

My daughter has been complaining about her stomach. She says it feels nervous a lot. since I’m an energy healer, I knew that all I had to do was to have a mini Reiki session with her to help ease the anxiety feeling in her body. I been called to look into shamanism. to dive deep into the other side to find out what is bothering my little Mamasita!

During a meditation session. I had my guides take me to a time and place when she was in my womb. I had split up with their dad at the time and moved from house to house until I finally settled back at my Mother’s house. Not my first, second or third choice but one that had to be made. That was  where I grew up and for the most part, it  was cold and sterile then and it still was the day I moved back in. There was always a lot of tension in the house and from what I know now about energy, it can stay and settle. There was a lot of emotions going on that time. I had no stable place to call my own and I was Mother of a 2 and half year old with one on the way.

I recognize now that the stress and anxiety, the nervousness of not having a stable place to live and not knowing what was going to happen next translated completely onto my unborn baby. Now that I think about it she was the easiest pregnancy and birth, but that is probably because she absorbed the majority of those not so good feelings for me. She has always been very in tune with emotions and her environment.

So Today as I release  a lot of the old me. As I release the feelings of safety and security ‘It is safe to be here’. As I release those feelings of anxiety, worry and stress and give it all to the Universe. I also release it from my little Mamasita!  For it is not hers to carry nor is it mine. Goodbye! You are no longer welcome here.



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