Standing on my own two feet.

I noticed a couple years back that whenever I stand in place, my feet are never firmly planted to ground. I wear down the soles of my slippers all the time. I never noticed until I was much older and a friend of mine pointed it out to me. I made sure to make a mental note of it and then moved on with my day. But it got me thinking…

‘Why did I walk onthe sides of my feet?…

I believe that any emotional trauma, whether we thinks it’s trauma of not, will eventually translate into our physical body. I grew up in in environment where my safety, security and well being was being compromised. Safety and security both deal with the lower chakras. Especially the first one, ‘the grounding chakra’. To have your grounding chakra working properly is to stand firmly on the ground with both feet. Feeling rooted. 

If your grounding chakra is off by a little or a lot, just know that the 2nd(sacral) and your 3rd(solar plexus) chakras will be a little off as well. Working in unison is the key! How do you know you’re grounding is off?.. Well I know because my feet aren’t planted firmly to the ground for one thing. That usually means I’m thinking way too much. 

Sometimes if I’m on the go, I put a grounding rock in my pocket or when I really have time, I love to dance. That’s my favourite way to feel the ground beneath my feet. Sometimes I wish it was the only way… But will dabble in that area of my psyche another day.

Grounding helps me to realize that it’s ok to be present and that it is safe to be here. No more ‘Fight or Flight’. No more worry even though I still do from time to time.

Even though my feet still don’t lay firmly to the ground.  I will remind myself everyday that ‘I belong here!’, because ‘I Do’.

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