Bitting my way to perfection

I have been biting my finger nails since I was 2 years old. It must have been all the tension and stress in the house. ( yes!… Infants,children and animals are more sensitive to the energy that surrounds us). 

Without realizing it, our body will naturally find a coping mechanism if it is placed in a high stressed environment. My coping mechanism was fingernail bitting. Gross! I know, but many of us do it or did it. Past tense for some. 

So to avoid bitting as I got older, I got acrylic nails. YES!… My nails were always on Fleek! I had every colour and design you could think of. The nail salon where I frequented knew me by name. As much as I loved it, I also knew deep down that it wasn’t good for my body. 

It was however better than looking at my chewed up fingers. I look back now and think to myself, it was self mutilation. Every time I would got stressed, every time I would worry or feel anxiety, I would bite my nails. 

It was like I was trying to fix what I had done. Fix it to perfection, to My perfection. You know what?…. It never was perfect.

I had always said to myself that there would be a time where you would completely love yourself for you. The way you came into this world. Flawless!! Like a newborn baby! 

It’s so important for me to show my kids that loving yourself can help you to get to know yourself. 

I’m about to turn 35 in October and so far so good. I’ve been hair natural for about 3 years now and I’ve managed to keep my natural nails looking on Fleek! I still have my stressful days, it’s just that this time around I’m making a conscious effort to not take it out on Myself!

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