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Every now and then, my creative juices will flow through me like water from a faucet. Everything will at those moments feel effortless. However, there are times, plenty of times when I become stuck in all for corners of myself. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically… You name it! I’m stuck in it. All the demands of the outside world like appointments, kids, life!!. it all adds up. When this happens, it plays a major role in my creative process. When we are stuck in one part of our life, it will always trickle into the next. Leaving us overwhelmed or in some cases underwhelmed.

In my case, when all does take its toll, when I feel at my lowest… That’s when I become Picasso! that when creativity comes to life. I don’t always want my creativity to come from pain that needs releasing, I also want my creativity to come from my joys and my happiness. Which I guess for the most part it does, maybe I just need to recognize it more.

Perhaps my frustration comes from those moments when I am not at my best creatively. That’s when I begin to get down on myself like I’m wasting my gifts and my talents. I start to feel helpless which turns into vulnerability. My spirit exposed to the world.

Moment of truth!…

‘ A Spirit exposed to the world is more valuable than a Spirit that isn’t.”

A friend of mine holds a womb healing ceremony at the end of each month. She explains that the female body some if not all of its energy in the womb. when it becomes block, so does our creativity. This is where death and rebirth occurs monthly for us.  It’s also a place where we as women take it for granted. I am guilty of that. I’ve touch on this subject before, maybe because I have something important to learn. I am realizing that it is important for me to honour my body as a scared temple because it houses my spirit. I think they both play a major role. If I don’t honour my spirit, how can it protect my body. I need to take the time to listen to both. As long as it is all positive.

What are they saying to me right now?…

I have been wanting to go to this womb healing ceremony for some time now and have been putting it off. just like I do with everything that has to do with putting myself first.

Affirmation: Honour My Body, My spirit and Myself.

Side Not: ” When you have a recurring thought about something, its usually an indication that  the Universe is trying to tell you something.”

Her next womb healing ceremony will be held at the end of this month. I’ve made a promise to myself and to my body that I will take the time to heal and repair all the broken pieces. Making me whole and open to receive all the positive changes and blessings that I deserve.

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