I was born Rashida Nyema Alisha Wall. Dr. Wayne Dywer says that the name given to you at birth is the name you were meant to have, like a ceremonial branding. Not cool for a little black girl living Scarborough. There were Jessica’s and Erin’s. My mom said she was going to name me Courtney with a K. However, my Dad wanted a chance at name picking. So he asked a friend at the time who was from Africa if he had any suggestions. That day, Rashida was born. Rashida means righteous and Nyema is the Tibetan word for sun… Righteous Sun. Now if that isn’t the universe spelling it out for me, then I don’t know what is. 
Obviously I don’t remember much as a baby. Not to many of us do. But what I’ll never forget, is the night I brought my son home for the hospital. We had been in there for almost two weeks. He had a severe case of jaundice. We couldn’t wait to bring him home after all that trauma. Now baby’s usually sleep a lot in the first few months, so you would’ve thought that my little one at the time would have been fast asleep. Well, he wasn’t. We laid him on the bed and we all just stared at each other. I remember thinking, I’ve seen those eyes before. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase a pair of eyes can tell a whole story. Well his did. I’ll never forget it. He really didn’t sleep much that night, or any night for that matter. He still doesn’t require that much sleep. Most indigos don’t. 

Years later, my son is 8 at the time, and I start going through old pics and discover my very first baby picture. It caught me by surprise. I starred at my baby pic for a while. Those same eyes that I were looking back at me in amazement and awe that night when I brought my son home. Those same eyes that we’re looking back at me in the pic. Those eyes were my own. The eyes were of deep wisdom. Like they had awoke from a deep deep slumber. They were eyes from another planet in another time and place. Those eyes that make you think, “How did I get here!”. As I sat there and gazed into my own eyes. I remembered feeling like this baby wasn’t ready to come back this earth. But I had too. I can honestly say looking back and seeing where I am today and the journey that I continue to take. This story that I promise to share with you and to myself….was all meant to be. 

This story is so that others can find the path that they are truly meant for. Someone said it beautifully to me, “You teach best what your are meant to learn. I’m here to learn that LOVE is the be all and end all. And you can achieve everything through it, along with some other things that I’ll mention along the way…As I sit here and type this with a frog in my throat. Sharing my very personal thoughts to the world is not something I do well. It can sometimes leave you so exposed to negativity. However, My spirit guides tell me it’s your voice being set free. 

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