Every now and then, I get messages from the other side. Today was no different. I struggle just like all of us, with this thing called perfection. 
The conversation went like this…..
Everything you present to the world doesn’t always have to be perfect.
Well why not?
There is no perfect person out there. Our flaws make us who we are. It makes us human. Perfection is when we recognize our flaws and we work towards making changes in our lives. We are working towards a sense of freedom within ourselves.
To better ourselves?
No, not to better ourselves but to recognize and acknowledge the perfection that was already existing within you. ” From the moment of conception, you are perfection.”
God made you with them in mind. God is not perfect. Climate change. The environment is changing. Does that mean that God is not perfect? God is perfect in the sense that God’s action stays the same. God reaction is just our actions towards the world.
What do you mean?
How we treat ourselves. How we treat each other. Our environment. These negative actions for cheap thrills, is causing negative reactions right back to us. Some are too blind to see. Others can see but choose to be blind. I think that’s called ignorance. Right?…that’s the saying “ignorance is bliss”. Of course it is, because it leaves you in a dream like state. Bliss means reaching a state of pure happiness. I am curious however, for those who walk ignorant in this world, where do you pull your source of . happiness. From where does it come? I’m pretty sure those who are ignorant will have to come back to this earth to do this all over again. But silly me, I am now placing judgment. That’s just one of my many flaws. All of which I accept and am taking full responsibility to change…..After all we are all perfect. Right!

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