They were fighting again. My parents that is. It felt like it was becoming the norm in my house, for my parents to fight. Well, this particular day was no different in my books. As a child, all I knew was that the yelling my ears. I remember as a child, that  I had had it up to here with all three yelling. I had made the decision to work up the courage to finally give them a piece of my mind. I walked up to them and yelled as loud as I could “STOP FIGHTING!!!!”. My parents stopped dead in their tracks and gave me a look of utter surprise. I wasn’t sure if I Should run, but my legs wouldn’t allow me to move.

 For a brief moment there was a silence that flowed through the house. The Silence didn’t last for that long, my parents just gave me a look that said, ” You’re  just a kid”, and closed the  door in my face and continued arguing. Now for those who know me they know that I can be as quiet as a mouse, but perhaps on that particular day I came to realize the potential of what my voice could do in the face of preserving my own body and mental state. The stress that I would go wonder when hearing loud negative noises made my body react in a way that was not only protective to my grounding chakra, Affirmation, “It issafe to be here”, but also fuelled my solar plexus which deals with confidence. Affirmation, “I honour the power within me”. 

Even though they kept fighting that day despite me and my siblings trying to stop it, just made  me realize for a brief moment that a person’s voice can be a powerful tool in expressing not just your views and opinions but your thoughts and feelings. Without it you can’t realize the truth that lies beneath it all. It’s like deciphering a top secret code. expressing yourself through your voice gives us the opportunity for a release which is no doubt a healing in itself. Because of the negative environment in which I lived in I as a child to be treated in word afraid to speak in about every setting in fear that I would be judged for it worst hurt so the easiest thing for me to do list to stay quiet I now know that sting quiet means that your thoughts and feelings whether good or bad will stay dormant in the body and the psyche until released when you release positive energy positive comes back when you release negative energy negative comes back. 

When you release energy that no longer serves who you are at this point in your life today, then know that your are in the right track and you will begin to feel as light as a feather. With wings to fly, and the beautiful sound of silence will ring true. 

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