I’ve realized that my entire life, I’ve chosen the quiet path. There are many reasons behind my choice of privacy. That’s probably why you don’t alway see me online. I like being off the grid. 

The truth is that at a young age, I witnessed family abuse. So growing up I quickly found a way to disconnect and isolate myself from what was real and what wasn’t. Or at least I thought I did.Isolating myself was my body’s way of staying safe. As a reiki practitioner, I am now learning that with trauma such as abuse, my grounding chakra’s main issue was survival. In my case,  my survival was being compromised. 

Affirmation:’ It is safe to be here.’

I’m also learning that even if your body has grown physically, sometimes it’s our spiritual inner workings that need tending too as well.Our chakras need help in order for us to grow spiritually. When we grow spiritually, it can take us on the path we are meant to be on.

My goal is to tend to my spiritual growth a little more. To heal the broken pieces of myself and tell that scared little girl inside me that ‘You are loved’.  Today,I am giving myself permission to feel again and to express myself to the fullest. 

I am Loved!!❤️

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