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System is described as a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole. We believe that we are part of a system. A system that is run by Governments, institutions, corporations and private sectors. We believe that the system has us under its control.

The truth however, is that the only system that anyone one person can be a part of is the system of the Universe. The Universe is the system. Since the Universe and human beings are one in the same, then technically we are the system. How do you figure? Well we project our own images out into the world with our own thoughts and beliefs. However, when we are so bogged down by the media and what society tells us and by all the fast food we eat. All of which interferes with our system. Once that happens, our individual system will begin to shut down and not work as well. A major Glitch in your system can cause you to not function properly. An imbalance let’s say.

Just like a brand new Mac needs to keep its system up to date and running smoothly, so do we, and if you ask me, we are way more expensive then a Mac. Priceless!!! If we work on connecting and healing all the parts of our system then we can never really be a part of ‘The System’ or any system for that matter.

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