Messages through Numbers


They say when you quiet your mind, the Universe starts sending you messages in peculiar ways. In my case, I have been receiving messages through numbers. I have been seeing them everywhere, especially on the clock. You need numbers for just about everything. So of course it would make sense for the Universe to communicate in such a way.

We all know 1111. The main universal number sequence. ‘Make a wish is what we commonly say when we see these numbers appear. According to Doreen Virtue who is an expert in Angel numbers, 1111 is the universal message to let us know that the Universe hears our most deepest desires and is doing whatever necessary behind the scenes to make our desires a reality. Don’t forget it takes two to make our dreams come true. ‘Put in the work”.

The second number I’ve been seeing is 22. For example; 11:22; 3:22 etc. 22 is the Universal message to let us know we are to stay focused on our highest expectations as the angels and universal energies work behind the scenes, helping us to manifest our wants, needs, goals and desires. Trust is a big part of this particular number sequence. If you have been seeing the number sequence 12:22, it is a message to us to release our fears and get on with pursuing our passions and purpose. 1222 encourages us to maintain a positive outlook in regards to any particular issue that you are dealing with.

If you’re anything like me, I am always watching the time, usually wishing there were more hours during the day. 12:33, 1:33, 7:33, are some other number sequence that I have been witnessing on a regular. 33 is the Master number and is connected to the Ascended Masters. The repeating of this number is a message to us that many Ascended Masters surround us and are offering their assistance. Seems fitting that I would be seeing this number sequence because I just completed my Reiki Level 3 earlier this year, making me a Reiki Master ( in training). Angel number 33 is giving us courage to live our life with a positive attitude. Bottom Line, POSITIVITY IS THE KEY!

Last but not least, the number sequence 44. This angel number asks us to pay attention to our intuition and inner wisdom. When this number appears, its sending us the message that your connection with your angels are strong at this time. It lets us know that we are to continue on our current path. Our angels are with us the whole time.

So every time you see these numbers, know that you have nothing to fear. The Universe is always working with you.

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