I have to admit, I’m not that good with words. My thoughts move faster then life itself, so it becomes hard for me to put my thoughts into writing. Something I’m working on everyday. I receive a lot of life’s answers through my thoughts. To me, my thoughts are my guides giving me words of encouragement. Helping be to achieve my life’s purpose.

I remember being in my Reiki class and my Reiki teacher was explaining to us how every human being runs on a different vibrational frequency. She went on by saying as we begin to grow in our spiritual lives, our vibrational frequency levels would begin to raise, making us more attune to the universe. They had ran this test on a few people. One being Dr. Wayne Dyer. When they ran the tests, they came to the conclusion that he was around 800-900 on the vibrational scale. They had also decided to run the same test on a portrait of Jesus; the test revealed that Jesus’ vibrations were running at 1000 if not higher. when you begin to awaken internally, your vibrational levels begin to raise. absolutely amazing. Thinking back to that moment, I remember thinking ‘God!, If  only I could  reach those heights. I’m constantly striving for the deeper truths about life, always striving for excellence as we all are.

With the recent passing of Dr. Wayne Dyer, I cant help but think what his message would be to all of us. The first thing that crossed my mind was rather then us striving for excellence, we should realize the excellence that is already within us. Don’ get me wrong. We should always strive for better. If we didn’t, we would still be living in the stone age. There would be no invention of the wheel, and well we know where that would have left us. The only thing is, is that when we constantly strive for better in our lives, we tend to forget what is good in our lives in the here and now. With society bombarding us with everything under the sun trying to convince that material items will bring us happiness when truly all of that happiness, all the excellence lays at the root source of who we are. In the end, what does it matter anyway what vibrational level you’re running on. what’s important is that  the universe knows your heart and your intentions in this world. So on that note, be Bold and Clear with your intentions and give nothing but absolute pure Love with your Heart.

I live in a state of Radical appreciation. I give humble thanks for all that I have. Paradise is wherever I am.

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