Grounding for New Beginnings!

If you know anything about me, you would know that I, like many Canadians are really excited that Winter in finally over and Spring is Here! We hibernated in our homes and tried to stay warm over the long winter months. Now, I rarely get sick during the cold season, but this year was an exception. My kids and I just couldn’t fight it this time around. So what is a Mom of three to do, when all else fails. Well, I listen to my intuition and look towards healing properties to help speed up the process.

This time around, my heart was leading me towards the ‘Aegerine’. Part of the Black healing crystals. You can find this particular stone in black, dark green or brownish black and can be easily found in any crystal specialty shop or online. ‘Aegerine’ is named after the Norse sed deity from Norway. In Norse Mythology, it is considered the God/Goddess of the sea and were the protectors and patrons of sailors and explorers. A stone of great benefit in Reiki or any other energy-transference healing systems using the power of touch. The Aegerine helps acceptance of what cannot be changed and also acceptance of yourself and others as they are, not as you would like them to be. Something I have been learning over the past little while, and I have to say, this particular stone has been of great help through this period of my life. Use it to follow your own path or stand up up for what you know is right.

Of course it has great physical benefits such as helping to boost your immune system and to help overcome insomnia and sleep disturbances for all those working moms and moms to be. it is a natural enegizer. Works Instantly! On the emotional level, it is believed to assist in mending a broken heart after betrayle or loss. For all those parent out there of teens who just can’t make it out of bed in the morning for school, this crystal can encourage them to get out of bed in the morning and greet the day with a smile.

The Aegerine is also powerfully protective if you are suffering from jealousy, psychological or psychic attack from others. Once a week, use the crystal as a wand and thrust it away from you in all directions as you hold it in the hand that you write with saying “May none penetrate this shield of protection.” It is associated with the Root and solar plexus and is part of the Zodiac sign of pisces.

Aegerine Empowerment message: ” I will remain true to my own principles whatever the pressures.”

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