I had an opportunity to be blessed and given the gift of Reiki. In the second initiation, I was given the gift of Love. Something I was searching for, for a long time. A wave came over me recently, a wave of love, literally washed over me. Internal Love. I realized that the love I was searching for, was within me the whole time. For the first time, I fell in love with myself. My inner self. Something that was laying dormant inside me from childhood. With Love comes a reconnection with the self, Within and without. When you fall in Love with your self, you begin to ground yourself into the Earth, into Mother Nature itself. You begin to feel the ground beneath your feet and realize that you were created from love., just as a seed being planted in the Earth’s soil. Like a rebirth…shedding all the past patterns and finally walking in the light you have always been in.

Yoga is an amazing way to reconnect with your body. It allows you to become not only aware of your physical body but your inner ‘being as well. Yoga is “Movement through Breath”. The more comfortable we become with Yoga, The easier is will be to bring it into our daily lives. allowing us to listen to our body rather then listening to our thoughts, which can sometimes be negative. The power of love can allow us to become aware of our natural talents that have been laying Dormant for so long. Now is the time to release the Love that is waiting to shine through.

Please feel free to join me in the journey to reconnection.

You can connect with Me on Facebook under Rashida Wall & AriesCollections. You can also connect with me on Instagram under Nyema31

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