For the Love of…

I don’t know much about all of the political in and outs in this society. But what I do know that there are billions and billions of us human beings who live on this earth blinded by the truth and only choose to listen to what has been taught to them from young past down from generation to generation. I am not saying that values are not important when raising our children… But now we’re talking about our inner self, our inner being and not the ego which is always above the surface, that’s why in always trying to be the centre of attention. you see the ego which is all those negative feelings, it cause a disruption of the centre of your attention. What is your centre?…that my loves is your core being, your spirit. And what does the ego want to do?… The ego wants to break your attention from the centre of your being. Imagine if you kept your attention to the centre of your core being?…What would happen?…Imagine focusing all of your attention on your centre of your being. your life would change. Because when you give love to yourself that goes deeper than your ego. right? love is not shallow. Love hits the deep core of your being. We are made up of energy and energy cannot be destroyed. The Mind is sometimes fed useless and false information, which the ego feeds off of in order to survive. Now remember that the spirit is untouchable, so the ego can’t penetrate it, that’s why it stays above the surface. You could say that if it went any deeper in would drown. Lol… (Me being funny).

People.. We need to spread the seed of Love. We need to stop turning a blind eye to the patterns we create for ourselves and for our children, just because you’ve lived that way for years doesn’t mean that is the way it should be. If it doesn’t feel right in your heart, and your heart always knows, then by all means change it. Now that doesn’t mean we should use violence to fight back, there is no need .Violence is always a temporary solution to any situation. It never solves the underlining truth of what we all lack. Love! . We constantly want to gain and retain, hoping that it will lead to pure happiness . We need to stop being so greedy for the last piece of the pie. For the last morsel of food. It’s like holding the last seed of dirt in your hand. What would  you do with it. Are you going to keep it for yourself or are you going to share with the billions of other people who have the same seed but don’t know it yet… No! Your going to take that and plant it and water it and give it sun which is all forms of love and your going to watch it grow. We have to replant the seed of Love within ourselves in order to spread the seed of Love to others without judgement, because Love doesn’t judge.

Now, I try to stay current with the events that are happening around the world, even though most recently it has been very negative. However, People are  rising up to the truth and to the equality that there should always be, because our beings are equal I am you and your are.  Peoples voices are starting to be heard. Truths are starting to be unveiled. But what we need to remember is that the one we keep veiled the most is the Love that is already within us. Lift the veil that is that of love, and freedom you will receive.

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