We all have attachments to just about anything. From our emotions to material wealth… Even our own flesh and blood. As we grow older and create families of our own…we slowly begin separating from our biological family and create families of our own, whether be through finding the one you love and having children with that person or just through your very close friends. These people now become your chosen family. Unfortunately our ego can sometimes run the guilt trip of making us feel as though you should be investing the majority of our time to those family members who you know need guidance and positive energy thrown their way. I had this thought earlier today. My inner self shot back right away with these words..” Your mother was simply a vessel to carry you from the astral world to the material world.” In a way their right. We as mothers have an important role to play up to a certain point. We are vessels that carry these beautiful beings from the astral world to the material world. We as parents raise them to the best of our abilities and then we send them on their way with the love and faith that they will grow into the beautiful beings from such they began. No attachment!Sometimes we feel we should be indebted to our biological family. Cause that’s what society says. What I’m learning however is that I can’t help everyone reach their highest potential, unless they have a willingness to do so for themselves. You can’t do the homework for them, they have to do it for themselves in order to reap the benefits of what the universe has to offer. No more guilty conscience of not being able to save those who literally had a hand in bringing you into this world but rejoice in the freedom of detachment and the
Love that can come from it.


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