Peace Within!

So I went to a yoga class today. My first in a while. It was a mom and tot yoga. What I thought would be relaxing with it was for the most part I still wasn’t as relaxed as I could have been if I was in a class on my own. Already knowing what that feels like. I come home a little more agitated than usual and dance out my frustrations which felt great and then began thinking to myself the instructor who talked a lot I might add felt totally relaxed and at ease the whole time. You need to relax my Inner self says. It’s about finding peace and stillness within and the rest will cease. If you’re in the present nothing else will matter. I love the advice from my inner self but sometimes it can really cut like a Knife.

5 tips to being in the present.

• Always be aware of your surroundings
• Always be aware of your breath
• Meditate
•Become the observer of your inner self


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