Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! and what a New Year it was. For me, its like the end of a series of mini books. Each Season is a chapter of your life in that particular year. 2014 for me was interesting. I had a lot of surprises, and… I’m working on the “No Regrets” thing. Growing up, I always felt like New Years was supposed to be this grand spectacular event. like something special would happen to you. Like a door closing and a new one opening. The only other time I’ve ever felt that way, was on my birthday. for some reason those were the only times I felt like there should be a celebration to top all celebrations. Birthday’s and New Years. The little voice in my head says “cause it’s like your entering your higher self”.

Birthdays are extremely important because its the day when your spirit enters into this material world as a human being. Perhaps another chance at life on this earth, maybe the first chance or the last. No matter what, the most important thing, is that you give it your all, no holding back. Each year is 365 pages of your life broken up into chapters, and the chapters are the seasons. As the seasons change… so do we. New Year’s should be saying Goodbye to the past and saying hello to the future, hopefully a little wiser, a little braver and definitely a lot stronger. We are Authors completing the last page of our series for 2014 and beginning our new series of amazing and exciting stories for 2015. With Faith that each story will turn out with a positive outcome. Each year graduating to the next level of consciousness whether you realize or not.

What story will you create for 2015? Will it be one of love, peace, abundance, pure happiness?. What series of stories will you create in your life? This year I Promise myself to love more… To judge myself less and to be myself more. My True Self. To express the true essence of my being and to no longer be afraid of myself and what I am capable of doing. Possibilities are endless, just like the universe. Remember we are not in the universe but we are the universe. Happy New Years with Many Blessings

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