Self Love

I feel this blog is fitting, because just the other day, I fell ill with a stomach virus. Now, I don’t normally get sick but I have moments when I’m just on the Go and forget to stop. I feel guilty sometimes… because in my head I believe that if I take just a little time for myself, just a little love for myself, it will take away from the love I have for my kids. They deserve all the love in the universe and we all now how big that is. Could I possibly give any more love than I already do? That’s why I am writhing this blog even though I should be sleeping right now. I am on a journey! of selfless love. We as mothers overwork ourselves to the point where we leave little for ourselves when in reality.Keeping track of all the schedules, and appointments. This is a life of a Mom. We have taken on this role of ‘Mother’ a nurturing loving parent. ‘Mommy’ can make everything feel better and for the most part we do. We make sure that our kiddies are warm In the winter and lookin’ cool in the summer. We are constantly making sure that everyone else is comfortable and happy… but who is looking after us?

If you are a single Mother or even in a relationship. No one knows YOU… better than YOU. We become like machines, constantly going never stopping but constantly refuelling with the things we know are not so good for us but …are good at the time. By the time we finally listen to our body… It’s too late. We know what we’re doing to ourselves but we say ” I’ll rest when I’m older. Why wait to reap the rewards! I am definitely guilty of not stopping until my own body breaks down on me. It is time for us to start loving ourselves and and caring for ourselves. Here are a few things that I have learned a long the way from some amazing People including some amazing Mothers.

I’ve learned to listen to my body a lot more. I know, sometimes we have to pick and choose what is most important on any given day .We have come to believe that we only have so much time to get everything done. When my little one goes down for a nap, I take a moment to listen to my body. If my little Nyla is having an off day, I am not going to add laundry to my list of things to do. That’s like me adding on another load of stress. Take a load off and enjoy that HOT! cup of coffee. Enjoy every last morsel of that meal. I promise you, your food will never taste the same again. We all do it where we stand at the counter and eat our meal, Like we’re constantly on the go. Sit down and rest. At dinner time I place everything on the table. That way, I don’t have to leave the table and I can enjoy my meal with the kids.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I am a stay at home Mother of three who loves to spend time with my kids but every now and then, I like to spend time with my friends and just relax. Not be MOMMY but be Rashida.
I know, it’s easier said then done. I was fortunate enough to learn the art of Reiki. Reiki is a form of energy healing. Since taking the class, I am more aware of my body now than ever before and when it’s time to take a break I listen! Becoming a Mom made me a little paranoid and very serious. I felt like all the fun in my life had to stop. I had my fun… It was time to be a parent. My complete and utter attention must be towards the children. I’m telling you now… If you do that…It will drive you crazy. Remember we are still human and we require all of our senses to be met equally in order for us to be well balance. When you take time out for yourself, it means that you matter. The kids will be fine with Daddy or that close family member or babysitter. If you put the effort into yourself… Imagine what you will be able to back to the world…Nothing but love.

Last but not least. Meditation. To sit quietly and think of nothing at all… Which of course is one of the hardest things to do…OK here we go!… I’m just going to sit quietly and think of nothing…. What was I thinking about again?… Oh right! I was thinking about not thinking. LOL!… It happens to the best of us. We have so many different thoughts running through our heads at any given moment. We are never living in the present but always in the future. We tend to feel overwhelmed with our work loads on a daily basis. We try to take on more then our body can handle. Living in the present means that you are able to focused on the task at hand. So Remember to Stop and listen to your breath. Breath is an amazing thing. It happens automatically with no aid from us. We don’t tell ourselves to breathe. It just happens. When we stop and focus on our breath, our thoughts will completely disappear. Try it! There is no way you can have thoughts and focus on your breath at the same time. Believe me, I’ve tried it. When you feel yourself becoming stressed, focus on your breathing. I am sure that whatever was making you stressed was thought provoked anyway. You were probably thinking negative thoughts. However, If you think only positive thoughts, then the linger of stress will dissipate. “Silence is the best medicine.” If you don’t have an opportunity to meditate quietly then this is a good tool to use when you feel like you are going to explode. Just something I’ve learned over my studies.

Ever since I could remember as young as 8 years old. I would say to myself, ‘I just want to go home’ Back then, I never understood what that meant. I was already home. I lived in a house with my family. That was home… Wasn’t it? It all became very confusing to me. I can only look back now, and realize that my path was to always discover what home really was. Sometimes a whole new world opens up for us after we have kids.we begin to see things through the eyes of the innocent. The way they look at things in wonder, always with fresh eyes, even if they’ve seen it a million times. That’s just a glimpse of what HOME really is. Meditation helps to quiet the mind so that you are free to handle any tasks at hand with ease. Effortless! I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. Please start a trend of taking care of yourself. We Deserve it!


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