A Place of Love

So for most of my childhood, I lived in confusion and fear. I felt great sadness for the things that surrounded me. Maybe that’s why I was so quiet as a kid and even now as grown up. I Would prefer to melt into the background if you know what I mean. I’ll never forget Two poems I wrote about My personal experience with violence and how it affected me. I was in Grade 9 or 10 and we learning about poems. Now looking back those poems that I wrote were little pockets of how my spirit really felt at that time and the years prior to that.

Expressing myself through words is just one of the ways I can allow my true self to shine. How I expressed myself back than, came from a place of anger, sadness, hurt, and pain deep within me. Today as I sit here and write this, I can say that I Am truly in a happy place. Not just a happy place, but a Loving place. A loving place feels all warm and cozy inside. Like you never want to leave. I have to admit that I’m still trying to get comfortable in this beautiful space. With sad and yet happy endings, always comes New Beginnings.

My poems were of sadness and despair because those were My experiences, and I allowed them to define who I was. No longer do I do that and I am learning everyday on how to feel the ground beneath my feet. I realized after writing this poem that it is the first poem I have completed that came from a place of love…. Enjoy!

Your breath penetrates deep within me
You send shivers down my spine.
The stillness of the air reminds me of you
So dead I was inside. Until… you woke me up.
My eyes once sewn shut, to your magnificence.
Now I live your presence.
Your Beauty.
Never wanting to say goodbye.
Knowing, goodbye is not forever.
It was a Pleasure…
Until we meet again.

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